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Azed 1873

Posted by petebiddlecombe on April 27th, 2008


Solving time: not recorded

I can’t remember how long this took or how much I used Chambers. But I made a wrong guess at the first letter of 17D, which suggests that the rest was solved without Chambers.

1 SUFFRUTESCENT – (turf fuse)*, scent – herbaceous, with a woody stem-base
12 IN ONE – (NO.,N) in i.e.
13 IVOR(y) – ref. Ivor the Engine
14 RO(q)UE
18 HE,A,R.(TIKI)N. – “a little heart, used euphemistically in an old oath”, says C.
19 TAKE TEN – a longer version of “take five”
20 A.,ESC – “the rune for a, used in Old English for ae; the ligature ae used in Old English for the same sound (that of a in Mod Eng RP cat).”
22 ABD=bad*,OMEN
25 HEYS = “haze” = rag in the ‘play jokes on’ sense
27 PIROGUE = (I go up R.,)*,E
30 TRANSMUTE = (UN matters)*
32 D.E.,MOB – D.E. = Dept of Employment
33 DAFF – hidden reversal, – to put by (Shak.)
34 SAND = to polish with a sander, and the female novelist known as George Sand’s lover was Chopin, who was Polish.
35 MOWER – W. in Rome*
36 GULE – glue with its centre reversed, and Sots for ‘marigold’
37 TRANSGENDERED – strange*,redden*
1 SCRATCH-TEST – scratchiest with T for I. Nice easy one if you’re married to an immunologist!
2 FLUNK(y) – to flunk = to faiil an exam, which is also ‘plough’
3 F,LEG – a Scotticism for ‘scare’
4 RICH T(ea.) – sound = correct = right = richt.
6 ENTRY = a field. I suspect the wordplay is Y = young. following something, but I can’t see what
8 EVOKES – OK in Seve rev. – ref. Olazabal and Ballesteros
9 NONISSUE – O = centre of ‘October’ in (suns(h)ine)*
10 TRENCHER-FED = separate from the pack, of hounds. (here FC)* in trend
15 CAN,OPUS – an urn for mortal remains
17 TABERDAR – beard* in tar = to incite = egg (vb.). I made a wrong guess at DABERDAR
21 HYAENA – A after AY rev. in HEN
23 BOSOMS – MO rev. in BOSS
24 MI(TT)EN – slang for ‘dismissal’, type (employment or cricket?) not specified in C.
26 E.,M.(BO)G.
28 REIRD = drier rev.
29 GLAUR – hidden – Scots for a mire
31 E(D.G.)E – the BBC = Auntie is headed up by the DG = Director General

2 Responses to “Azed 1873”

  1. Andrew says:

    According to Chambers, ENTRY is “a young hound, or hounds collectively, old enough to begin training”. So I suppose it’s actually just a (very misleading) double def.

  2. roland says:

    In the true pedantic spirit, may I be the first to say that there is a mistake in the most recent Azed which will have linguists shrieking in horror. Well, cringing slightly, anyway.

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