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Financial Times 12,754 / by Jason

Posted by C G Rishikesh on April 29th, 2008

C G Rishikesh.

After thirty minutes with the puzzle, I didn’t get 21ac and 24ac and 16dn. Any of my readers may please post the answers.


1 DESCRIBE – des, crib, E

HECTIC – ethi (anag. of E, itch), C

10 SATSUMA – a, must, as reversed This fruit is new to me. I got it from wordplay.

13 DELFTWARE – de(L, FT, w.)ar,e

18 TALENT SCOUTS – talents, C(out)S ‘bent’ in the sense of talent; it is an adj. qualifying gifts in the surface reading; the def. is “(Those) who look for ones with the bent”

21  not solved – (On edit) The clue is: Clerk on fixed programme to jail trafficker (9)

23 LINER – two def.

24 not solved – (On edit) The clue is: Barnet’s cleaner – bogus collection largely (7)

25 OPENING – anag. of pig, none

26 SENTRY – sen(-d), try

27 PENTAGON – pe(n, tag)on(-y) I am not happy with the surface reading.


DUSTER, two def.

SATIRE – I take ‘Swift writing’ as ‘writing by Swift’ which I know is satire. But I don’t see how ‘a bore’ fits

ROUGH-HEWN – anag. of ‘how hunger’ but not a very pleasing surface reading

BOARDING SCHOOL – cryptic def.‘to get one’s head down’ = to fall to = to begin to eat

EVENT – even, t

TEA PARTY – anag. of ‘ape ratty’, again not a very satisfying surface reading

CAT’S EYES – (trademark) these are reflectors embedded in road surface to make traffic lanes visible at night

FOLLOW YOUR NOSE – there was some hold-up in my solving as I first put in ‘follow one’s nose’

15 INTELLECT – two def.

16 not solved – (On edit) The clue is: More people possibly turning to sit-ups (8) 

17 PLANTAIN – (to)plant, AI, n

19 ENDING – reversed letter string from ‘campaiGN I’D NEgotiated’

20 DRAGON – drag on

22 INNER – (-d)inner, ref. to ‘inner sole’ (On edit) The reason why I didn’t get some answers is this solution is wrong. I now realise that the correct answer is (-s)UPPER. The clue was: Meal without starter, complementing to sole perhaps (5) Now, does this exclude my answer?


7 Responses to “Financial Times 12,754 / by Jason”

  1. Fletch says:

    It would be helpful if you posted the clues.

  2. Fletch says:

    Thank you for the edits. I suggest: 21 Penpusher; 24 Shampoo; 16 Utopists.

  3. C G Rishikesh says:


    Sham, poo(-l). ‘Barnet’s’, I guess, is a brand name. Is it? The other two I should have got.

    pen – jail, tafficker – pusher; ‘Clerk on fixed programme’ seems to be the def.

    More – ref. to Thomas More

  4. neildubya says:

    24 – Barnet is cockney rhyming slang. “Barnet fair” – hair.

  5. Pogel says:

    I also got stuck on the bottom left corner but being a fan of Cockney Rhyming Slang I didn’t have a problem with shampoo (sign outside barbers: shampoo £5, real poo £10…)

    I also didn’t have a problem with the surface of 7d. Again might be a British thing – “ratty ape” tied in for me with the old chimpanzees tea party adverts.

    2d – “is a bore” = (i)s a tire

  6. smiffy says:

    4D “to get one’s head down” is surely a reference to sleeping rather than eating?

    On some past occasions my feedback on Jason’s puzzles has been less than constructive. However, I thought that today’s was a good ‘un – so credit wherewhen it’s due.

  7. C G Rishikesh says:

    Thanks, Smiffy. I do realise that “to get one’s head down” is a reference to sleeping rather than eating. We have parallels in Tamil and other regional languages in India.

    In India “boarding and lodging” houses are common. The latter term is taken to mean ‘being provided with a place to stay’ and the former term to mean ‘being provided with food’. As the answer is BOARDING SCHOOL, I had the ‘food or meals in general’ sense of ‘board’ in mind.

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