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FT 12,755/ Satori

Posted by smiffy on April 30th, 2008


A rare outing for the full-perimeter (4×15-letter answer) grid. Although that does mean that quickly solving either 1A or 1D offers generous checking and a flying start.

1 GENERAL ELECTION – cryptic def’n, although it could of course apply to most kinds of ballot (except for those featuring hanging chads or ink-stained thumbs).
9 NO(THIN)G – “drink that’s inherently watery” is the slighty indirect container/contents indicator.
11 W(E)AVE – “roller” in the oceanic sense.
12 CONTRALTO – Central (with o for e) + to
15 CLYDE – hidden
18 STEEL BAND – good surface reading.
23 MACH,O – “sonically still” suggests zero x speed of sound (or Mach 0).
24 I,MAG(-az)INE – The whole “first” and “last” alphabetical conceit, to denote A and Z, generally tends to get stuck in my craw.
26 DEFINITE ARTICLE – (ain’t electrified)*

1 GONE WITH THE WIND – Go+New+It+H(Thew)ind. A lot quicker to solve than to deconstruct!
4 LO(GI)C – G.I. in col(rev)
6 CEDAR – referring to the national emblem of The Lebanon, which I believe still graces its national flag.
8 NITROGEN DIOXIDE – hidden, or at least its chemical symbol (NO) is.
14 PE(STILE)NT – the last to go in for me, as I had some hesitance reconciling the definition with “vexatious”.
15 COLUMNIST – A nice idea (attempting to finesse The Fourth Estate with Fifth Column) but just seems to lack that je ne sais quoi that differentiates the truly great clues from the remainder.
19 ARCH,AIC – the phrase “old hat” always strikes me as being rather twee. I suppose that it’s, arguably, rather old hat itself these days.
21 BA(I)RN
22 HOO(-c)H,A – Maybe a touch parochial for non-Brit solvers? Hoo-ha and kerfuffle are the two British words guaranteed to always raise a laugh from my (all-American) wife.

7 Responses to “FT 12,755/ Satori”

  1. diagacht says:

    8d The chemical symbol for nitrogen dioxide is NO2. Do you think the hidden refers to there being two Os in knotwork? It would be stretching it a bit, wouldn’t it.

  2. C G Rishikesh says:

    Yes, the compiler is glancing at the fact there is one N and two Os in ‘knotwork’ but all in all it’s not a clue to write home about.

  3. nmsindy says:

    Pleasing puzzle, not too hard esp with 4 15-letter entries around the grid. I’d have to agree tho that the NITROGEN DIOXIDE clue, though easy with the enumeration does not work for me – if the two Os had been together immediately after the N, it would have been just about OK.

  4. Testy says:

    Isn’t it that NO TWO is hidden in kNOTWOrk?

  5. nmsindy says:

    It is indeed, thanks, Testy, and, well done, Satori!

  6. smiffy says:

    Thanks gents. Chemistry never will be my strong suit – I spent too much time playing with the bunsen burners instead of understanding compounds.
    Certainly makes the hidden clue a much more sophisticated (and satisfying) one.

  7. C G Rishikesh says:

    I missed the fact that NOTWO is hidden in ‘knotwork’. ‘Nitrogen dioxide’ does not lend itself for a nice clue and this wordplay is a good discovery. I may be pardoned for any hasty comment.

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