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Independent 6721/Nimrod

Posted by neildubya on May 1st, 2008


I found this reasonably easy (for a Nimrod) although I couldn’t get 26 and didn’t fancy guessing it either. I spotted the Nina with the grid half full though so filling in the missing letters made the rest of the puzzle that little bit easier.

9 N,(AGE)* in NONE (reversed) – an ENNEAGON is a nine-sided polygon (or nonagon).
12 TE,R in A,LEGO – “Lawrence” is often TE or DH in crosswords.
17 APEMEN in (SECT)* – the ESCAPEMENT is the mechanism in a clock or warch which connects the moving parts to the balance, it says here.
23 (LIME US)* – MUESLI. “-style” seems superfluous here.
26 LANDRAIL – had to Reveal this one and I still don’t understand it. A LANDRAIL is a bird and “both sides” could be L AND R but that leaves AIL.
28 [-s]HOES
2 (GET ANY Z)* – YANGTZE. If sleep is ZZZ then “a little” must be Z, right?
4 GI,RAM (going up) in ROLE
5 SINBAD THE SAILOR – “specific rating ” is THE SAILOR and SIN,BAD are two types of evil but I don’t really see why the (a) and (b) stuff was necessary. Am I missing something super-subtle?
8 NAVE (going up), GEL
14 EH (going up),PH on A DONE – HEADPHONE. “Cans” is a slang word for “headphones” although it’s not in Chambers Online and I don’t think I’ve ever seen in used in the singular form. No reason why it shouldn’t be though I guess.
18 SLEEPER – the very long definition (the whole clue minus the last word) caught me out here.
20 hidden reversed in “thEM IT’LL Arouse”
22 NOT UP – a TON is a 100 but I can’t see how that works in the answer.
24 hidden in “wEAR THe” – with “trousers” as the indicator, which I rather like.

8 Responses to “Independent 6721/Nimrod”

  1. nmsindy says:

    LANDRAIL I think it’s get = ail = annoy or something like that. Seeing the Nina helped me, too – a little easier than usual from Nimrod

  2. nmsindy says:

    NOT UP = ton (reversed) = hundred

  3. Testy says:

    23A alternatively “crushed” is superfluous.
    5D the surface made a nice link to the Nina but I also don’t see why the (a), (b) rigmarole was necessary.
    24A Personally, I wasn’t keen on “trousers” as the indicator, so there you go, chacun a son gout…

  4. Michod says:

    It may be my post-match hangover, but I didn’t find this that easy, and put in several wrong answers – SCAN for SLAV (well, it might be an informal term for a Scandinavian!), IN THE STARS at 15ac and CYCLEWAYS instead of CLEARWAYS (OK, that one must have been the drink).
    At the point when I spotted the Nina I had __SSER OF TWO_NILS, which I thought for a moment might be Nimrod’s response to Eimi’s Berbatov and Woodgate puzzle. Sadly, I couldn’t get 1 and 9ac to begin with T and O respectively!

  5. Paul B says:

    Couple of good hidden inds, I thought.

    If you ‘trouser’ something you pocket it, and that activity seems to correspond well enough to what’s going on cryptically. ‘Dresses’ asks for our extended leniency I would say, but using verb forms in a nicely misleading, noun plural kind of a way seems a fine ploy to me.

    I agree that Sinbad might have dispatched the (a) & (b) terms, but as they are indeed the first two (a & b) elements in the SI, you can only really fault the clue on bagginess.

  6. dave brown says:

    Can someone please provide and explain the answer to 1 across.

  7. neildubya says:

    Sure – if you can remind me what the clue was. Thrown the paper away you see.

  8. Testy says:

    I think it was something like “Poet’s accompaniment, swapping sides in bank” (although the surface was probably much better)

    The answer was LYRE (i.e. bank=RELY and swap the RE and the LY sides to get LYRE). It had me puzzled for quite a while too because I thought that the sides were just the L and R and I was wondering what RYLE meant!

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