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Posted by Octofem on May 2nd, 2008


 Financial Times 12,757 Set by ORENSE

Posted by Octofem on 2nd May 2008

  A straight-forward puzzle with a theme of sea creatures running through. My first blog so I am hoping it is clear.  Comments gratefully received.


1.  PORPOISE- – one in 12 (Ocean). P(orp<)oise
5.  ACACIA – a-c-acia “asia”
9.  LEGATION – leg-(a-t)-ion
10.PLAICE -pla-i-ce
12. OCEAN  -o-c(e)an – the key clue, perhaps too simple?
13. RED MULLET -Red- Mull (think, as in ‘mull it over’)-et (e[a]t
14. AFFAIR (fa<) fair (blonde)
16  SEA LION -*is alone
19 DOLPHIN- (*Phil Don)
21 CLEANS- lean=list , presumably within two c’s
23 IMMEDIATE – I-m(ust) mediate
25 BREAM -B-( r)-eam
26 TURBOT -Turbo( charge)- t(ime)
27  BELOW PAR – rather obvious double meaning.
28  DESIST – *side, plus st (way)
29 STING RAY – St-in-(g)-ray ( stray- to wander , g- middle of age)

1.  PALLOR (Pall , jade in sense of being jaded,- or, for gold.)
2. REGRETFUL ( r-egret-ful(l)
3. OFTEN – (s)- often
4. SCOURER-  s(c)ourer
6. CALCULATE- (*a cute call)
7. CHILL- (arcti)c -hill
8. ABETTING – a- be-tt-ing  (a being with tee totaller)
11. ODDS – o- d(iminish) – d(umfrie)s
15. ANHYDROUS -*your hands
17. INNKEEPER – I-n-n-keeper(as in goal)
18.ADMITTED – A-d-mitt (slang for hand)-ed (editor)
20 NAAN – Na(a)n (Grandma )
21 CLEMENT – C(l)ement – l from labourer
22. SMARMY -Sm(Is this Sado masochism)? – army
24. MARKS – “Marx” – Karl not Groucho!
25. BROWN – B(lack)-row-n (point)

2 Responses to “FINANCIAL TIMES 12757 set by ORENSE”

  1. smiffy says:

    Always good to see new bloggers around these parts! Your maiden posting is perfectly clear and thorough (although there is no obligation to cover every clue).

    21A and 22D both employ the same device “(in) case of” to denote the first and last letters – of “calls” and “sexism” respectively.
    I think that Sado-masochism is usually abbreviated (somewhat illogically) to S&M, rather than simply SM? Not that I would know, of course…

  2. Octofem says:

    Many thanks for encouragement. I appreciate the explanation of ‘in case of’ – should have thought of that myself.

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