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Azed 1874 – A Slip of the Pen

Posted by tilsit on May 4th, 2008


Solving time: just about an hour.

Greetings from the Royal Blackburn Hospital.  I was flung into here on Tuesday as the old pins were still knackered. 

Reasonably tough fare from the Observer’s maestro, not helped by by a slip of the pen with 8 down.  In Chambers this is listed as BESO LAS MANOS, but in this puzzle it’s shwn as BASO LOS MANOS to intersect with ANTIPODE.

Thanks to the Cryptonuts (esp Uncle Bob) for assisting with parsing a couple of clues.


ACROSS   (*) = anagram; (CD) = Cryptic definition; (R) = Reversal

1   QUIXOTRY    Homophone of “Quicks” + O + TRY

11  FREEWHEEL   WHERE(*) inside FEEL

12  BLOAT   A inside BLOT

13  MOSEL   SO (R) inside MEL (another name for honey)

14  LASCAR  L (Left) + AS (When) + CAR (Wagon)

15  INKOSI  IS OK IN (*)

16  ANATTA   Hidden answer

17 CHOLIC   Homophone of COLIC

20  ANTIPODE  AN + TIP (empty) + ODE


25 OLD AGE   LOAD (*) + GE (See Mrs Bradford)

27  ULEMAS   compound anagram    AS A RULE MONK minus KORAN = ULEMAS

30  PARSEC   PARSE (analyse) +   C  (constant)

31  STEALE   E inside STALE  (past its best)

32 IROKO   OK inside IRO(N)

33  ACNED   DANCE(*)

34  NINETIETH   TIE inside THE INN (*)

35  PERIOSTS   OS (bone) inside  TRIPES(*)


1   QIBLA   compound anagram  IRAQI BELIEVER minus I = REVERIE + QIBLA  Bit complicated for me, Reminds me of the old chestnut  ELEVEN plus TWO  =  TWELVE plus ONE.

2  UHLAN    HAUL (*) + N

3  ICOSAHEDRONS  HAD NO SCORE IS(*)  I like the definition “for each of us faces total score”.

4  X FACTOR  (MA)X FACTOR (Cosmetician).  I didn’t know that was the original meaning of the phrase!

5  TERRAN    RANTER  chopped in half and switched round.

6  RELICT    C inside RELIT

 7 CHOKO   COOK (*) with H inside

8 BESO LOS MANOS    As  I said earlier, this is shown in Chambers, as BASO LAS MANOS as hands (MANOS) takes a feminine article in Spanish.  E SOLO  (Spain alone) inside BOSSMAN(*)

9  LEESIDE    SEE(R) inide LIDE


18  CHOPINE  OP inside CHINE

19  FILARIA  AIR + AL(L) + IF all (R)


23  RECHIE  Hidden answer


26  ASKER  Compound anagram KEN L RAISE (*) minus LINE.  Reference to the (former -delete after Thursday’s election) Mayor of London’s famous pets.
28 ALERT    TALER with first letter moved to last.
29  SEDES   Indicates palindrome.

6 Responses to “Azed 1874 – A Slip of the Pen”

  1. Andrew says:

    20dn is more than just a palindrome; “but you are” = SED ES, which occurs “up and down” in the answer; and it’s Latin, so it’s “there”, i.e. in the Vatican.

  2. Andrew says:

    The first word in 8dn is BESO, not BASO – presumably a typo in the blog, as it crosses on of the Es in FREEWHEEL.

  3. tilsit says:

    Thanks Andrew

    I had amended the BESO LOS MANOS entry, just after I wrote this posting on Thursday last and time-locked it. I thought it had corrected itself. I’ve made the amendment.

    20 was a bit slipshod of me in assuming that solvers would have known it was Latin for “seat”. Apologies.

  4. roland says:

    I thought ASKER was very jolly.

  5. petebiddlecombe says:

    I don’t know whether it’s so special in Spanish, but in Italian, “la mano” = hand, feminine, is an exception to the rules that nouns ending -o are masculine, which makes the slip perhaps forgiveable. A quick flick through my Eng/Sp dictionary suggests that at least most Spanish -o nouns are masculine too.

  6. roland says:

    This could easily be rubbish, but a French teacher of mine informed me (all those years ago) that there are many European languages in which the word for “hand” is feminine, even when it looks as though it should be masculine. No doubt there are plenty of counter-examples?

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