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Financial Times 12,760 / by Quark

Posted by C G Rishikesh on May 6th, 2008

C G Rishikesh.

Appropriately enough, I gained toehold in the grid with 9 ac.  After only some three in this set, I moved to Down segment where many fell quickly, one after the other.

I must confess that even after thirty minutes with the puzzle, I could not get a couple. See below.

It is an utter defeat for me as these clues do not have any abstruse UK references. It is just that my brain is tired in Madras where mercury has been hovering above 40 degrees C for the past couple of days. 


1 BOOKWORM – charade – book, worm

5 APPALS – deletion – app(-e)als

9 TREADING – charade – t, reading

10 ESCAPE – charade with anagram – esca (anag. of ‘case’), PE

12 LIE IN WAIT – cryptic def – I am unable to interpret it to my entire satisfaction. 

13 HOARD – container/contained – h(o)ard – Nice departure from the usual hoard/horde homophone ploy.

19 CANTEEN – charade – can, teen

24 FRESH – two def – The clue is “Alert forward”. I am interpreting it as alert = fresh = forward.

25 Not solved – The clue is: End of activities agreed by church. Possibly safe to show anger? (9) (On edit, following a comment below) CEASEFIRE – charade with an anagram – CE, asef (anag. of ‘safe’), ire 

27 OPAQUE – charade with deletion – o, p(-l)aque

28 FORENSIC – charade with anagram – f, oresnic (anag. of ‘in score’)

29 DAMSEL – container/contained – MS. in dael (anag. of ‘deal’)

30 INITIATE – charade – I, nit, I, ate


1, 2 BOTTLE OPENER – charade

3 WIDEN – charade – w, I, Den(-nis) – Hope my annotation is correct.

4 RANSACK – charade – ran, sack

6 POST-HASTE – anag. after deletion – Good surface reading. Anag. of ‘osteopath’s’ after removing O (‘disc’). But note that we remove only one O while the anag. fodder has two Os.

7 A LA CARTE – Cryptic def.

8 STEADIER – Anag. of ‘as E tried’

11 STIR – Two def.

15 OPEN HOUSE – charade with anagram – openh (anag. of hope, N.)  + Ouse

17 SCAFFOLD – anag. after deletion – anag. of ‘scoldffa’ after removing I (one) from ‘scold FIFA’

18 UNDERARM – charade with a c/c – under, a.(r.)m.

20 Not solved – The clue is: Take health, for example (4) (On edit) NICK – two def. – See comment below.

21 PLATOON – charade with reversal – Plato, on (rev. of no.)  The def. ‘Greek’ for Plato appears to be rather bald.

22, 23 AIR-SEA RESCUE – anag. of ‘E cruises are a’

26 Not solved – The clue is: In the long run university colleague missed the occasion (5). The answer may be EVENT but I am unable to justify it. (On edit, following a comment below) EVENT – deletion – deleteing U (University), ally (colleague) from ‘eventually’ (‘in the long run’)


9 Responses to “Financial Times 12,760 / by Quark”

  1. Radian says:

    26: looks like it’s EVENTUALLY without the last 5 letters. But can’t see the others

  2. Paul B says:

    Nor can I – do you have any letters, GG?

  3. Paul B says:

    … as in, CG!

  4. C G Rishikesh says:

    25 ac: ??A?E?I?E (The fifth letter E is from EVENT just confirmed)

    20 dn: N???

  5. C G Rishikesh says:

    20 dn: N??? The third letter, unknown as of now, is the first letter of 25ac ??A?E?I?E, also unknown as of now.

  6. Magpie says:

    25a is ceasefire – church (ce) + anagram of safe, with ire (show anger).
    20d is nick – to take/steal, and to be in good nick (health)
    Radian has 26d spot on!

  7. C G Rishikesh says:

    Thanks, Magpie.

  8. C G Rishikesh says:

    And, thanks also to Radian.

  9. Paul B says:

    Not quite sure why ‘for example’ has been added, as ‘health’ is a direct synonym for ‘nick’. Whereas, ‘take’ is not an exact synonym for ‘nick’. Potentially easy clue made unnecessarily tricky, I feel.

    Ceasefire too is a bit woolly, with no full definition – ‘end of activities (what activities, precisely?) agreed’. An attempted &lit that doesn’t work.

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