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Financial Times 12,752 by Falcon

Posted by Pete Maclean on May 8th, 2008

Pete Maclean.

Ah, my second Falcon puzzle to blog. This proved moderately easy and somehow I even dredged CHOTA PEG (19A) out of the back of my mind. I love 20D and 10D is very cute.

1. SATANIC – A (a) + TAN (bronze) in SIC[k] (disappointed no end)
5. BRANCH – B (British) + RANCH (large farm)
8. ON THE BALL – double definition
9. CREAM – [profiterol]E in CRAM (stuff)
11. TENSE – T[heatre] + anagram of SEEN
12. CHORISTER – CH (church) + OR (or) + [s]ISTER (nun needing no introduction)
14. NOAHS ARK – anagram of H (hands initially) + ANORAKS
15. DIADEM – D[uke] + anagram of I (one) MADE
17. BALLAD – BALL (dance) + AD (notice)
19. CHOTA PEG – anagram of GOT CHEAP. Chota peg is a British military slang term, Indian in origin I believe, for a short drink like a gin and tonic.
22. AGREEMENT – MEN (soldiers) in A (a) + GREET (salute)
23. AORTA – hidden word
24. ETHER – anagram of THERE. This is a clever and devious clue but also a variation on a well known theme.
25. CLEARANCE – double definition
26. DRAW IN – DR (doctor) + A (a) + WIN (secure)
27. SCRAPIE – I (one) in SCRAPE (tricky situation)

1. SHOOTING BRAKE – SHOOTING (filming) + B (British) + RAKE (playboy). I am old enough to know this term well.
2. TITANIA – TITANI[c] (short film) + A (a)
3. NIECE – PIECE (board game figure) with P (pawn) changed to N (knight)
4. CHANCERY – CHANCER (opportunist) + [cla]Y
5. BALLOT – ALL (everyone) in BOT[tom] (base except Tom)
6. ARCHIVIST – anagram of THE VICAR
7. CHEATED – C[ompany] + HEATED (furious)
14. SCARECROW – S[hows] + CARE (concern) + C (about) + ROW (string)
16. SHATTERS – S (small) + HATTERS (milliners)
18. LURCHER – H (horse) in anagram of CRUEL. A lurcher is a hunting dog. This is the one word I did not know and had to look up.
20. PARSNIP – PAR[e] (cut, cut) + SNIP (cut)
21. BEACON – BEACON[sfield] (Bucks town)
23. AIRER – AIRE (English river) + [wei]R. The definition refers to a stand as in a frame for drying clothes.

4 Responses to “Financial Times 12,752 by Falcon”

  1. C G Rishikesh says:

    Re 22ac, if you abandon the idea soldiers = RE, you will see the anno.

    It is A GREE(MEN)T

    – Rishi

  2. Pete Maclean says:

    Ah! My mind got very stuck on that. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Kewlchap says:

    Re 19ac, Chota = Small in Hindi. Chota Peg is thus “small peg”, common in India.

  4. Pete Maclean says:

    Aha! Thank you, Kewlchap.

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