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Independent 6727/Mordred

Posted by neildubya on May 8th, 2008


I found this very tough, despite a quick start. Still not sure about 8 and 11 though.

1 MUGGLE in S,D – in the Harry Potter books, a MUGGLE is someone who isn’t a wizard.
9 MIT,RE BOX – “they” being RE from the previous clue. A MITRE BOX is a tool for guiding handsaws.
10 TON[-y],IN,G – not sure how the missing Y is indicated by “term cut”.
14 (IN OHIO DUKE’LL)* – UNLIKELIHOOD, and an unlikely set of letters for an anagram.
21 A in IM ON(reversed)
22 REM, IS in (NICE)* – REM is the “rock group”.
24 [H for W]EIGHT
26 (CHAPEL)* – PLEACH was a new word to me so this was a guess and one of the last words to go in.
2 (TURN)* EU (going up)
8 RAG TRADE – “fashion industry” is the definition but I don’t understand the rest of the clue.
11 TELEPROMPTER – don’t understand this one either.
20 WE,ED(going up) in DD
23 NO(N)ES

14 Responses to “Independent 6727/Mordred”

  1. nmsindy says:

    8 DART up in RAGE (fashion).

    A great puzzle with some original clues.

    And a dedication, I think – 2nd column and, perhaps, first 4 of row 10.

  2. C G Rishikesh says:

    10ac: re missing ‘y’ (“term cut”). Probably a reference to y (like x, a, b, etc.) being an algebraic term.

  3. Testy says:

    AND HEIDI in column 12.

    I can’t quite see 11D either unless it’s TELE being the TV and PROMPTER being a on screen symbol but this doesn’t seem very satisfactory to me?

    I thouhgt that the LITHIC bit of 15d could have been clued in a way that was a bit more cryptic and a bit less like its meaning in the answer.

    Otherwise a good puzzle.

  4. C G Rishikesh says:

    Re 8d: RAGTRADE

    It is rev. of DART (run up) in RAGE (fashion). ‘Fashion’ seems to do double duty as part of wordplay and def.

  5. nmsindy says:

    I thought “term cut” just meant take off the last letter ‘y’ with ‘term’ equivalent to ‘end’

  6. tilsit says:

    Another enjoyable puzzle froma fine setter.

  7. Barbara says:

    Despite the explanation given, I’m still in the dark about the answer,definition and wordplay of #20.
    Balls up between two democrats supporting partners of union (6)
    Can someone clarify this?

  8. nmsindy says:

    It’s a tricky one, Barbara Balls up = ED (Balls) politician upwards between two Democrats (two Ds) “supporting” partners = bridge partners WE with ‘supporting’ meaning put the DDED under the WE. Definition is “of union”.

  9. Barbara says:

    Thanks, Nmsindy. Now I get it.
    The blog wasn’t very clear.

  10. dave brown says:

    10 across Tony has term cut y = year

    Who are Michael Ella and Heidi?

  11. Derrick Knight says:

    MICHAEL AND HEIDI are my eldest son and his wife. ELLA just crept in. Many thanks for all the feedback. Mordred

  12. grahame says:

    any ideas for 19 down?

  13. neildubya says:

    You’ll need to remind me what the clue was…

  14. beermagnet says:

    19D Key N. Atlantic state for the locals? (6) ISLAND
    Double Def. Key is an island as in Florida Keys, and Island is the local spelling for Iceland.

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