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Azed 1875

Posted by John on 10th May 2008


Azed produces these nice puzzles from time to time, although this is the first of this type I’ve seen: usually the anchor-word is vertical at the left and the two grid patterns are translations of one another. Here they were rotations.

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Guardian 24,379 (Sat 3 Mar)/Crucible – Cue jumping

Posted by rightback on 10th May 2008


Solving time: 9:06

A snooker-themed puzzle by an appropriately named setter to coincide with the World Championship at the Crucible last weekend. The unclued entries consisted of all the colours (less black and yellow which appeared in 1ac and 31ac) and the players referred to were [Steve] Davis and [Jimmy] White (the latter doing double duty as a ball). Seven other clues contained the letters DER in order, which was probably deliberate; hiding the full fifteen reds might have been a bit much to ask!

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