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Azed 1875

Posted by John on May 10th, 2008


Azed produces these nice puzzles from time to time, although this is the first of this type I’ve seen: usually the anchor-word is vertical at the left and the two grid patterns are translations of one another. Here they were rotations.

I was lucky: having drawn the grid on a piece of paper, prepared to change things if necessary, by happy chance I plumped for the correct positioning of my first answer.

1,37 ‘Refuse crowd getting round for example/old monarch like this, king in carriage': MEGASS (1) – eg in mass; SO V(R)AN (37).
6,36 ‘Ominous creature rams end of cart/in a way that’s precise yet lax oddly, having injected cocaine': BARGES (car)T (6). I found this very hard for two reasons: it looks as if ‘Aries’ is in the word, and it wasn’t clear just where the split occurred. And I wasn’t sure if the definition of the second word needed ‘in a way’, although in retrospect I should have been – Azed isn’t going to make such a grammatical slip; EXACTLY (36) – c in (yet lax)*.
12,35 ‘Wordly quality I noted in wild lusty Acer/undoing the grub in a climbing evergreen': SECULARITY (35) – I in (lusty Acer)*; THUNBERGIA (12) – (the grub in a)*. How people do these crosswords without Chambers to hand I just don’t know.
14,34 ‘Unshorn locks etc gathered in makeshift/tuck or good hitch': maKESHift (34); G RUB (14).
15,33 ‘Old secret, beloved’s name/time inscribed in ancient spot, hard rock?': DEAR N (15); ME(T)AL (33) – as in heavy metal I suppose.
16,32 ‘Gold Sun on tree is grabbing universal favour of the people/to dovetail in total rescue with replanting': AU RA POP(U)LAR IS (32); INTEROSCULATE (16) – (in total rescue)*.
17,31 ‘Power invested in law English brought back to discharge/relief pocketed by varlet upstart': EXPEL (31) – p in (lex E)rev.; LET-UP (17) – varLET UPstart.
18,25 ‘Serving girl’s painful separation losing child,/priest in a jiffy giving brief description of requirements': WREN(ch) (18); S(P)EC (25) – yes P for priest is in Chambers, although one expects ‘pr’.
19 PRESSURE GAUGE – (ups are eg surge)*. When ones sees that something isn’t in Chambers one expects the worst, but in this case all was I think obvious. My SOED gives it as two words rather than hyphenated, so shouldn’t we have been told that in the clue? Or perhaps my edition is the wrong one.
1,24 ‘Artist’s medium in representation making most of gold-coloured/hydrant in fuzzy lines – it’s boring': ME(GIL(t))P (1). I suppose that MEP is ‘Member of the European Parliament’, but is this in the plural so that the ‘body of representatives’ meaning can be used? Otherwise I can’t see how an MEP is a representation rather than a representative; ELSHIN (24) – h in (lines)*. An awl bores, ho-ho.
2,23 ‘Profitable scheme? Student losing head/disguised his age as professional companion': (l)EARNER (2); GEISHA (23) – (his age)*.
3,22 ‘Drop; raise': GOUTTE (3); UPREAR (22). Our clue-setting words. Even here Azed is cunning, leading one to think that ‘drop’ is a verb somehow allied to ‘raise’. The difficulties in setting these double clues, only some of which Azed usually overcomes, are to produce a clue which is not too long and rambling, with a coherent surface, a well-hidden split, and a seamless connection between the two parts.
4,21 ‘Belt up then spar wildly in serious sword-fighting/activity holding story up, Neapolitan speciality?': SHARPS (4) – sh (spar)*; GELATO (21) – tale rev. in go. I’m not quite comfortable with ‘activity’ = ‘go': is it perhaps a reference to the game?
5,20 ‘Growth in US pile diverted/rising British-American holding party, a logical challenge': EPULIS (20) – (US pile)*, although a pileus is also perhaps a growth; SUDOKU (5) do in (UK US) rev.
7,29 ‘A work-basket in US got up in fibre/of course, one in variable weight': ABACA (7) – (a caba) rev.; ROT(A)L – the adjective from ‘rota’, one of whose meanings is ‘course’ (29).
8,28 ‘Inferior wheat meant/some rearer undercharging for second broadcast': SPELT (28) – 2 mngs; RE-RUN (8) – reaRER UNdercharging.
9,27 ‘Moth climbing (mostly) rough-edged/herbs a rum cove rears': EGGAR (9) – ragge(d) rev.; ERUCA (27) – (A cure) rev. It was tempting to try to get ERICA to work.
10,26 ‘Move in fencing special area involving unknown/extraction process, uranium kept under wraps by president': SI(X)TE (10); P(U)REX (26).
11,25 ‘Captivated band of volunteers climbing col/seals burst vent emitting gas and mud': TAKEN (11) – TA (nek)rev.; SALSE (25) – seals*.
13,30 ‘Soft bit of Plasticine shaped/to fasten box': NESH (13) – PlasticiNE SHaped; SPAR (30) – 2 mngs.

3 Responses to “Azed 1875”

  1. Matthew says:

    1D – I think this should be MAGLIP with representation=MAP

    21D – One of the definitions in Chambers for GO is “energy, activity (inf)”

    20D – PILEUS occured to me too, but I really didn’t think that Azed would use such bad anagram

    I got SUDOKU pretty easily, and thought immediately that it was the word not in Chambers. Unfortunately, “Sudoku” is Chambers (2006) which is the only edition I have.

  2. Matthew says:

    And of course I mean MAGILP not MAGLIP

  3. John says:

    MAGILP: Yes, you’re quite right. So bang goes another brilliant clue.

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