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Private Eye/Cyclops 364 – Standard Eye Fare

Posted by beermagnet on May 12th, 2008


Erm..  I haven’t got much to say about this one.  It was standard Eye/Cyclops stuff with nothing to greatly complain about, but also also not much to praise – merely workmanlike.  Oh Gawd – have I become a critic now?  Let’s get on with the detail:

9 ULURU This is pretty much a General Knowledge clue
10 FAIRY TALE (A LEFTY)* around AIR. “Lord” Archer is the Eye’s standard fibber.
11 PRESS-STUD Hacks=PRESS ; Sex machine=STUD; I think I have press-studs on my anorak
12 PILOT PILOT[I] Piloti is the Eye correspondent for the column about the built environment, “Nooks and Corners”
13/14 ROTTEN BOROUGHS ROTTEN (awful) B.O. (personal stink) ROUGHS (yobs) Another intra-Eye reference, “Rotten Boroughs” is the section in the Eye where local Council shenanigens appears – sometimes the fraudulent and criminal behaviour exposed there is breathtaking.
20 HEADCASE HEAD (crown) CASE (cabinet)
22 SEX MAD EX M inside SAD
24 ROYAL ([M]ayor)< L[ord]
25 CHATLINES LINE (strip) inside CHATS (birds) I think. I’m not sure about this, here’s the full clue – tell me if I’m wrong:
Birds strip inside; they allow caller to have group intercourse (9)
28 DUNGAREES DUN then (ARSE)* around E[lasticated]
29 GUCCI First letters of G[ordon] U[seless] C[rud] C[ameron] I[nitially] – I found this clue too contrived
1/27 JUMP SUIT Shag=JUMP; Clubs=SUIT
2 RUPERT PAPER without PA (Press Association) inside RUT (depression) R Murdoch mentioned without refering to him as the Dirty Digger – that must be a first
3 BUM STEER B[rown] UM=er STEER=guide First I got in a trickier crossy than normal to get started in.
4 E-FIT I inside EFT Looks like Ken now has more time to carefor his newts
5 BIRDHOUSE BIRD (A lark maybe) HOUSE (MP’s place)
6 NYMPHO (M PHONY)* cross-ref to 22A sex-mad
7 GASLIGHT GAS (talk) Light (fair) Ref “Fanny by Gaslight” 40s Film more famous for its suggestive name than anything else:
8 DEATH SQUAD (QUASHED DAT[a])* I thought this was a quite well disguised anagram in a grid with very few:
Means of having political opponents eliminated, quashed: data endlessly lost (5,5)
13 ROUGH TRADE Unhealthy=ROUGH; business=TRADE. Queen used in the non-Brenda sense here
15 EYE SOCKET Organ=EYE; Electical source=SOCKET
19 IDEOLOGY ID=”The same”(?) (GOOLEY)* Is it OK to use “the same ” to imply ID? I know what he means, but …
21 COLLAR C (100) then [D]OLLAR[S]
23 MONICA MO (AC IN)< (no comment)
26 ARSE DD in the Eye Crossy sense: =Seat, and also the source of many a politico’s views. Full clue:
Seat, source of many a politician’s speech (4)

2 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 364 – Standard Eye Fare”

  1. Pogel says:

    I’m never sure about ID for “the same”. Seems to be accepted use though. And I thought argon was Ar not A…

    Don’t understand “chatlines” either. All guessable though.

    Sorry, not much help.

  2. beermagnet says:

    You’re right Pogel, Argon is definitely Ar, and now I look at my copy of the mag again I see I had scribbled “SHARITSU?” next to the clue, so I missed the chance of giving Mr One-Eye a ticking off for getting the science wrong, damn. I suggest he turns to the expert in these matters:

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