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Guardian 24,387 – Araucaria

Posted by manehi on May 13th, 2008


Was, unusually for me, on the right wavelength for Araucaria today, and sped through most of the puzzle, which was as enjoyable as always. There was a nice mini theme of a few clues linked somehow or another to 18dn. 1ac and 28ac were new words to me, and I had to do a little research for the wordplay of 25. Still need help deciphering 6dn. Edits thanks to Shirley and Eileen.

6 MYRRH MY,R,RH – also known as Sweet Cicely, one of the gifts brought by 18.
9 APPLE APE around P[upi]L, “Pupil” also is the def.
11 EAR-WIGGING EARWIG,GING[er], I think. It can mean a reprimand.
14 THAT WAS (what)* in rev(Sat), putting this on either side on 15 gives the satirical That Was The Week That Was
15 THE WEEK TWEE around HE = high explosive, K. Also defined as “…what ends then” [i.e. Saturday].
20 GOLD GOL[iath], D[avid], another of 18’s gifts
22 PSYCHIATRY sounds like “psi, chi” + A TRY – second similar use of TRY in this puzzle.
25 NEWSWOMAN Rebekah Wade is the editor of the Sun. As for the wordplay… Tyneside is in the NE, from there you need to go WSW to reach Keswick, and then to OMAN to get to Muscat. Or, some abbreviation for Newcastle for the first few letters. Maybe.
26 EBOLA rev(a lobe)
28 NIERSTEIN (entries in)*
2 EXPURGATE EX, PG = “paying guest” partly inside [c]URATE. Thomas Bowdler published an expurgated Shakespeare.
3 LIES IN WAIT LIES = “stories”, and carollers might tell of an “inn wait”, I guess. WAIT can refer to a carol singer.
4 VISAGES VI SAGES = six sages ~ twice “three wise men”. Nice.
5 TOPKNOT TOP as in to exceed, and KNOT the rate of travel.
6 MAIN “Supplier of “light … on land or sea”?” – sea would be the def, but can’t make out the wordplay. Main as in electrical mains.
7 RATTY ref the Wind in the Willows character
8 HAYMARKET sounds like “hey, mark it”
14 TYPE GENUS TYPE, GEN[eral], US – zoological term.
16 EIGHTSOME EIGHT,SO,ME – EIGHT is half of 16, the clue number.
18 WISE MEN W = with, rev(NEMESI[s])
19 INCENSE follows Frank to make frankincense, the last of 18’s gifts. Unusual wordplay, but gettable enough in the context of this puzzle.
21 LOWRY Low Railway = base line

8 Responses to “Guardian 24,387 – Araucaria”

  1. Shirley says:

    6D Main as in electricity mains.
    21D Low Railway = Base line LOWRY

  2. Eileen says:

    3dn: ‘waits’ were bands of carol-singers.

    Another great themed puzzle!

  3. Eileen says:

    14dn was interesting, in view of our discussion yesterday as to whether something typed was ‘written’!

  4. Michod says:

    D’oh! I failed to notice the theme, so missed GOLD. With the somewhat weak ‘Goliath – part’ for GOL, I would have appreciated a definition – I suppose it’s just ‘first’, as the gifts are usually listed in the order ‘gold, frankincense and myrrh’. To rhyme with Gyrrh!

  5. manehi says:

    Michod: I had it as First = GOLD as in the medal position.

  6. Geoff says:

    Unlike Manehi , I found this much harder than last few Araucarias – although I did manage to finish it. And I didn’t spot the theme either, despite getting all parts of it – agree that ‘First’ = GOLD.

  7. Eileen says:

    Manehi: re your edit: sorry to nit-pick but a ‘wait’ was a BAND of carol-singers, which it needs to be to fit the clue. A carol-singer could ‘lie in wait’.

  8. manehi says:

    Eileen: I found a definition of wait (13,c) as a member of such a band, and then “lies in wait” ~ “stories in (a) wait” ~ “stories a wait/carol singer can tell”

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