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FT 12,767/Gozo – Food, Various Food

Posted by smiffy on May 14th, 2008


No real major sticking points on this one, although perhaps a couple of bones of contention on one or two clue structures.  Was a little disconcerted by how readily familiar I seem to be with various types of food – will have to make a bee-line for the bathroom scales this evening…

1 PARK,IN – as a dyed-in-the-wool Southerner, it’s not a concoction I’m overly familiar with.
4 CI(A,BA)TTA – “round loft” = attic(rev)
10 RATAFIA – (at a fair)* I didn’t do myself any favours by initially pencilling in FRITATA here!
12 OATS – hidden, and an &lit too, I suppose.
17 BOURBON  – double def’n.  Never did figure out why those (eminently dunkable) biscuits were named after an ancient French dynasty.
20 BLOOMER – double def’n, plus a reference to undies if you add an “s”(ingular).
21 CELERY – (recycle)*-c. One of the most egregious attempts at “double duty” I’ve seen in a while.  “Recycle” needs to be used reflexively as its own anagrind.
27 RIS,OTTO – Sir(rev) + (Emperor) Bismarck.
30 BIG,A,RADE – (dear)*. A slightly obscure citrus fruit, which I recall from another puzzle in the distant past.

2 RATATOUILLE – (out all irate)*
3 INFO – hidden; but seems gratuitous and inexcusable to use a randomly generated name as the fodder (apologies, Martin, if I should have heard of you!).
6 BEEF,BURG,ER – grub(rev)
8 ABRADE – anagram of 30A (minus I+G)
9 D,AIRY – D=deserted is hardly bog-standard, but still simple enough.
15 C.S. FORESTER – (force’s rest)*
18 WEST,WOOD – Vivienne of that ilk.
19 PYRE,NEES – seen(rev)
22 SCA(RA)B – coincidentally, the same answer in precisely the same location as yesterday’s puzzle!
28 SAG(-e)


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