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Independent 6732 / Tees Contemporary fun

Posted by tilsit on May 15th, 2008


Solving time: 28 mins

A jolly little puzzle from Tees with lots of contemporary references. I suppose I still think in old-fashioned crosswordese, but the Indy has certainly brought puzzles into the 21st Century and must be commended for it. Bit of an odd solve in that I amnaged to complete virtually all the right side of the grid before any clues on the left. Struggled for a while with 1 down till the penny finally dropped.

All in all, good fun.

Pedantic note: Chambers gives the phrase at 13 as hyphenated (4-6) rather than (10), but as I hadn’t heard of the phrase before, it wouldn’t have made a difference to me. Nice anagram though,

A nice way to start the day with the Wheatybangs. Thanks Tees.


ACROSS (*) = Anagram (CD) = Cryptic def (R) = Reversal

1 See 18

5 TUTORED T + U + TOREAD – A In educational grading, A is a top mark.

9 RIGMAROLE M in RIGA + ROLE Riga is capital of Latvia.


11 SAYERS SAYS around E.R. Dorothy L Sayers and ER, US TV Show equivalent to our Casualty.

12 DEATH RAY A DRY HEAT* Nice surface reading.

14 MILITIA MAN IT + 1AM in MILAN IT = Italian, 1 am = “some time after

midnight” (Clever!).

16 ENID Hidden answer “Geraint’s girl” refers to Tennyson’s Idylls of the King.

18/1 STAR CHAMBER STARCH + AMBER The Star Chamber was originally a mediaeval nobles’ court, but now it can refer to an executive Cabinet Committee of the Government such as COBRA, which deals with matters in secret.

19 ADAM AND EVE Double definition Be careful when you Google “Plant Adam and Eve”!!. It’s a variety of orchid, which came as a surprise to me, though I did resist the temptation to visit Google’s first suggestion!

22 TEMPORAL MP inside AT ROLE* Although I worked the answer out, I couldn’t see the explanation, thinking it was “one sitting in” (TEMP) but the rest of the clue didn’t work. All is clear now.

23 MOSCOW M + OS + COW         OS from clothing sizes relates to large (Outsize).  Collins gives COW as a difficult woman. Not sure the PC brigade wil approve of this clue, but the surface is rather amusing to old fogies like me.

26 ROUTE (TRUE + O)* Nice clue with good surface reading!

27 THREE-FOUR (cd) I learned from Strictly Come Dancing that waltzes are danced in three-four time.

28 ENDGAME Double def More good surface.

29 ARTISTS STRAITS* Have seen and used this device a couple of times before. Not entirely convinced the definition works for a plural. Wouldn’t it refer to a single answer, rather than a plural?


1 CHRISOM CHRIS(TEND)OM Not a word I’d heard of. I’d recently set CHRISM as an answer in a quiz (Quick plug for my Quiz Setting Service, feel free to contact me!) A Chrisom is a white religious robe.

2 ANGRY GR inside ANY    This clue may come in handy later.

3 BLAIRITE LAIR inside BITE Bambi was one of the nicknames given to Tony Blair, formerly PM of this

4 RIOT RIO + T Relates to Rio Ferdinand, one of my least favourite footballers, plays for Manchester United, prone to forgetting drug tests and going shopping instead.

5 THE RED ARMY H.E. inside MARTYRED* Nice surface reading.

6 TOASTY O inside TASTY Hadn’t seen “toastie” spelt with a “y” ending before as a noun, but it’s listed in Chambers.

7 See 24


13 CARDCASTLE CAT’S CRADLE* Nice anagram. Chambers gives this as hyphenated.

15 LEAF MOULD U + OLD FLAME* This perhaps strays a bit towards the dreaded Indirect Anagram, as it asks for “something meaning classy” which is U [as in U and Non-U]. Some may dislike it, but I think it’s OK.

17 INSOLENT IN + SOLENT The Solent is a stretch of water just outside Southampton.

18 SET FREE SET – FREE Set = Box as in TV sets, which are nicknamed “(Goggle)Boxes”.

20 EDWARDS (W + DREADS)* Made me laugh. The definition refers to former World Champion triple jumper Jonathan Edwards, noted for his religious beliefs and indeed in his early days refused to compete on a Sunday. Now to be found wandering round the BBC schedules on a Sunday hosting religious shows.

21 BODEGA AGED OB (R) OB is an abbreviation for an Old Boy, or almunus of a school.

24/7 CROSS  REFERENCE   (CD) “See 2″ is actually the Clue in this instance, as it refers to Angry! Very clever.

25 PROA PRO + A A proa is a Malay rowing boat.



Thanks again to Tees for an entertaining and clever puzzle.


11 Responses to “Independent 6732 / Tees Contemporary fun”

  1. Testy says:

    15D I was only slightly bothered by this indirect anagram (although the fact that there were another two at 26A and 20D was stretching things a bit) but I was more bothered by “blights” as the anagram indicator. Either “blighted” as an adjective, or “blight” as an instruction to the solver, would work for me but I’m not sure “blights” does.

    12A I also wasn’t keen on “generating” as an anagrind. I’d have preferred “could generate”.

    I didn’t have any quibbles with 29A though.

  2. Michod says:

    Can’t believe I didn’t get BLAIRITE! Grr. Loved the cross reference.

  3. nmsindy says:

    Much inventive clueing to admire in this. I too did not get BLAIRITE.

  4. DUNCE says:

    Tees, I accuse you of gross irresponsibility for making me LOL on public transport when I got 24/7. Respect.

  5. Tees says:

    Hi Dunce – were you driving the vehicle at the time?

  6. beermagnet says:

    For 13D the on-line version did have letter count (4-6)

  7. Tees says:

    My Chambers (1997) has CARDCASTLE.

  8. BrianR says:

    I think that I, also, have solved the right side, plus top-left. (Unfortunately I have taken about 3 hours to get this far.)

    6732 was published in South Australia’s “The Advertiser” today – oops, yesterday.

    Given that local time is 12.40 am, decided to look for hints/answers for 24a, 19d and 20d.

  9. BrianR says:

    Big OOPS! Now that I’ve viewed have found that his and my 6732 are different crosswords.


  10. BrianR says:

    Please delete my “OOPS! above.

    This Crossword appeared in South Australia’s “The Advertiser” as number 6733. (Discovered after a msg to Site Manager).

    Shall take this up with the newspaper, though nothing really happens when doing such as this.

  11. BrianR says:

    Attention: tilsit

    After having contacted the site manager, found that the UK Independent cryptic number 6732 was published in South Australia’s “The Advertiser” as number 6733.

    Must add that in our edition 13D was specified as (4-6).
    Someone must have picked up on your comment re this clue.

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