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Independent 6729/Nimrod

Posted by neildubya on 16th May 2008

11 TESTAMENTS – the definition is “more than one will” and I think the wordplay is suggesting moving the TE from STATEMENTS to the front.
14 GIN< in THE,NO (also reversed) – ONE-NIGHT. “Mother’s ruin” is GIN.
17 ASPIRIN[-g]
20 PROA in (CHAP)*
23 ASS,I,N in STATS – in physics I is the symbol for an electric current.
24 ALTO[-gether]
25 BILLET – fits with “quarters” as a definition but I can’t work out the rest of the clue: “Quarters a log for fuel”.
26 (IS S TITLE)* – ELITISTS. I think the definition must be “pick? They think they are”.
1 IT,IV in TATE – SA (“sex appeal”) is IT. I liked “looking at art in London” to indicate [something] in TATE.
2 hidden in “puT IT On” – with “bottles” as the hidden indicator.
4 BR,ISTO,L – shouldn’t BR be “old/former/ex transport organisation”
6 REPETITION – Don’t know if this is right as I can’t work out the wordplay for this one either: “Pardon the request for it getting on a little bit charged”.
13 PERT,IT,L in SUE – if you’ve been a foreign language opera you’ll know what these are, although I think they’re more commonly called “surtitles” in this country.
16 HAS,T in CITY
18 IT in I,DENT,Y

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Independent 6734 by Phi

Posted by nmsindy on 16th May 2008


A fairly straightforward puzzle by Phi, I found – solving time, 16 mins

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Guardian 24390 Paul : “Cheer Up, Paul”

Posted by neildubya on 16th May 2008



I did this in Oxford Services at 7 a.m after driving 2 hours from Manchester on my way to London and am blogging when I really should be working – so this is not even up my usual low standards.

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From the HR Department

Posted by neildubya on 16th May 2008


We’ve had quite a few bloggers join us over the last few months so I thought I’d take the opportunity to introduce them all. On the Guardian side, Diagacht and Manehi share a blogging spot and frequent commenter Ali joined the Indy team, along with NealH and John. Octofem joined the FT team very recently, as did Rishi and our newest recruit Uncle Yap (both of whom represent the Asia Pacific division). Duncanshiell and the 3 person solving team called Hihoba blog the Inquisitor puzzle and, last but not least, we have two new Azed bloggers: Andrew and bridgesong.

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Inquisitor 71 – At Random by Charybdis

Posted by petebiddlecombe on 16th May 2008


Solving time: about 2 hours

This was a nice example of a fairly gentle thematic puzzle. Extra words in clues are a fairly simple way of providing thematic messages, but the idea of using the central letter or pair of letters was a bit of variation from the usual first letter.

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