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Posted by Octofem on May 17th, 2008


FINANCIAL TIMES No: 12,769 set  by   AARDVARK     May 16, 2008

Most of this puzzle was quite straightforward, but I came unstuck on 16A and 14D..
I  have made an attempt at them but can’t quite see the reasons.  I wanted 16 to be some kind of
‘hand’-book, but could not find one to fit.


1.       HOCKEY – C in hokey (slang for prison)
4.       QUEEN BEE- bee as in ‘spelling bee.’
9.       LEAN TO –  le-ant-o (leo the big cat)
12.     CELERIAC- C-(hocolat)-E  *eclair
13.     ASSENT- (p)asse- nt
15.      NORM – no-r-m
16.      LABOURSOME(?)- ( bourse cheese may come into this)
19.      WHITSTABLE -*blast within white for snowy
23.      NINETY- n-in-et-y ( French for and, Spanish for and)
25.      PORTUGAL – p-or-tug-al ( pal – old china to Cockneys)
27.     GOVERNOR – g- over-no-r
28.     POETIC – p-oet-ic (alternate letters from moments within pic)
29.     MONICKER- mo- nicker(One who steals)
30.     VERNON – Ver-n-on (<Rev- noon – working)


1.      HELICON  – * echoing, substituting L for G (A brass instrument, fore-runner of the sousaphone,
                                 popular for ceremonial use in Europe)
2.      CHARLEROI – cha-r-*loire (City in Belgium)
3.      EATERY – ea-t-e-ry (another slang term)
5..     UREA – *a  rule, without L
6.      EXPOSURE – ex- posure (posture without T)
8.      ELECTEE – <hidden clue
11.    RAMADAN – armada with first letters reversed plus n for navy.
14.    ROLLMOP(?) – only other thought was scallop but could not make that fit.
17     ORANG UTAN – orange without e ,* nut with a
18.    ESOTERIC – e-*tories -c
19.    WINE GUM – win-e-g-um ( wing around base of store, plus hesitation word)
21.    PELICAN – * in place – bird with large beak.
22.    OTIOSE – < hidden clue
23.    NIVEN – n-ive-n (David Niven, much loved film actor)
26     FORE – golfer’s warning ( forest without st.)



3 Responses to “FINANCIAL TIMES no. 12,769 Set by AARDVARK”

  1. Magpie says:

    Hi Octofem.
    16 across is mascarpone, although apart from carp for the fish element of the clue I can’t make the rest of it fit. 14 down is scallop – call (market) inside so (very) + p (heart of Capri).

  2. Octofem says:

    Thank you Magpie – again! I suppose the manual worker is ‘mason’
    with cheese’s end as the ‘e’.

  3. C G Rishikesh says:

    I interpret the answer MASCARPONE thus:


    Container/contained cum charade

    Manual worker – MASON
    eats – container/contained ind.
    fish – CARP
    tail found in the – tail found in “the” – that is, E
    cheese – def. for reqd word

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