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Azed 1876/Plain sailing

Posted by ilancaron on May 18th, 2008


When I’ve finished writing this blog up, I’m going to count how many Scots terms there were in clues and answers — seemed like a lot but in any event this is going to be my baseline Azed Scots/English ratio from now on, and I’ll be reporting how each future puzzle rates. Actually not that many upon recount. Only 5. Perhaps I should add in non-UK terms (e.g. from S. Africa, Australia and America as well…)?


1 FEE(DLO)T – old* in FEET.
6 SAROS – reverse hidden in “groupS, OR A Solo”. And it’s a Babylonian astronomical cycle — rather long (3600 years).
10 FIELDCRAFT – (Cliff rated)*
11 R,ON,C,A,DOR=rod* – it’s a fish (of the maigre family if that helps). Oh, obligatory cricket ref: ON is the “leg” side (as opposed to OFF which isn’t…).
13 DUCK – Seems like “I’ll join others in paddling” is there to disambiguate from the other option: DUNK since the N is unchecked. Other interpretations?
14 FUSTET – wouldn’t you know that if you take the alternate letters of “fouls street” you get… anyway, FUSTET is a type of sumach (a bushy tree kind of thingy…).
15 OR(VIE)TO – ref. the Italian wine (thus vino) and VIE (archaic “stake”) in root*.
17 NAUNT – it’s archaic Aunt according to C, thus “family member once”. Not sure about rest: “cutting on film-star Wayne”.
20 EAT=tea,ERIE – ref. Lake ERIE.
22 LEG,HORN – it’s a type of “straw hat” — and we have “on” being the LEG side again.
24 A,RIEN – French “has” is A (3rd person singular) and RIEN is nothing thus “love”. And ARIEN is ref. Aries the zodiac sign.
25 AUBADES – (USA abed). The dawn chorus.
28 F(INN)AC – INN in FAC[e] which is also “effrontery”. And FINNAC is a young sea trout.
30 R[ac]E,T[ens]E, first/last letter pairs of “race, tense”. It’s a neural network.
32 NULLANULLA – it’s an Aboriginal club and oddly enough NULLA (as nala) for gully shows up elsewhere as well (29D).
33 D(W)AAL – W (for wicket) in A,LAD. It’s S. African for a ‘state of inattention’ (during which presumably you might miss a catch).
34 ESSEN,CE – turns out also a rather fine kind of Tokay wine.


1 FORD,O – to “exhaust”.
2 ETOUDER=rerouted*,IE – from the French: “heedlessness or stupid blundering.”
3 DICKIE=”dicky” – “the driver’s seat in a carriage”.
4 LEAVE – hidden in “battLE AVErted”.
5 OLDSTER – (strol[l]er)* – exactly one L removed from “stroller”.
6 SCR(UNT)Y – nut * IN SCRY: 4 Scots terms in a single clue: SCRY for “practice crystal-gazing” (thus, observe), “unco” Scots superlative, SCRUNTY for stunted (Scots) meaning wanthriven, which is Scots for… stunted.
7 [h]ARMS – I suppose the def is “soldiering” as in an arm of the military — and “is ‘urting” is ‘arms.
8 R(APT,URE)D – APT=suitable and URE=archaic practice in RD.
9 ST,UTTER – I assume that ST is abbrev(stumped) (from cricket perhaps?) and it’s in the COD which I haven’t checked. Nice cricket surface though it must be said. Though unfortunately no mention of on or leg.
12 VENICE TALC – a type of soapstone: NICE in (lav etc)*
16 V(AGINUL)A – (A Luing)* in V,A[cre]. Hmm… interesting association of moss and vagina which I refuse to point out much less mention.
18 PLAFOND – rev(Fal) in POND. Turns out PLAFOND a term for an old version of the card game Bridge.
19 GO,NADA,L – while we’re on the subject of vaginas, might as well bring in the gonads as well. Spanish “nothing” is NADA.
21 AN,UR(O)US – didn’t know what ANUROUS nor acaudate meant until I looked them up: taillless. And URUS is an extinct wild ox.
23 WARLSE – (re laws)* — Scots wrestle which presumably is done at the Highland Games (along with eating hammers and throwing haggis).
26 BU(RL)S – R[ugby] L[eague] in BUS (coach) and turns out its an Australian term for “attempt, shot”, thus a go so the definition is “goes”.
27 SENTE – hidden in “preSENT Elections”: coin in Lesotho. However, not sure what role “inevitable” plays in: “Some change in Lesotho inevitable in present elections”.
29 NALA=rev(Alan) – ref. Alan Partridge – and NALA is a NULLA which we already know is a gully or stream.

4 Responses to “Azed 1876/Plain sailing”

  1. Matthew Auger says:

    I’m pretty sure that 17 across is referring to the actor ‘Naunton Wayne’.

  2. Andrew says:

    Yes, definitely Naunton Wayne in 17ac.

    Like Ilan, I couldn’t make much sense of 13ac – I put in DUCK as the most likely answer but I’m sure there must be more to the clue than I’m seeing.

    9dn – ST is indeed Stumped. I think “get out” is cunningly part of the definition.

    In 1dn, “old” seems to be doing double duty: FORDO is marked as ‘archaic’ in Chambers, and Azed is usually scrupulous in indicating such things (and sometimes mentions it in the Slip).

  3. Andrew says:

    Come to think of it, Naunton Wayne could almost be another cricketing reference, as he was famous for playing the part of the cricket-obsessed Caldicott, alongside Basil Radford as Charters, in Hitchcock’s “The Lady Vanishes” and several subsequent films.

  4. roland says:

    Naunton Wayne??????? I have so much to learn…

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