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Financial Times 12,722 / by Quark

Posted by C G Rishikesh on May 20th, 2008

C G Rishikesh.

I am rather late today as the real world caught up with me this morning. I could not give undivided attention to this crossword. I must admit that I had a slow start but clues fell one by one gradually. At the time of writing this blog, I had three to go but I am afraid the distractions won’t allow me to persist and ponder.


1 CROSSBOW – I am not sure of this. Of course, it fits the second def, but I have not yet got a grip over the first def.

5 PLAQUE – Not too cryptic a def.

10 ESTER – anag. of ‘steer’ – the surface reading gives a different twist to the def.

11 LIFEGUARD – Cryptic def but none-too-satisfying.

13 ELFIN – elfi(anag. of ‘file’),n

14 not solved: The clue is: Come back for a sort of flask (6)

15 DO OR DIE – door, die

20 TREBLE – tre(-m)ble

22 EMCEE – short for Master of Ceremonies No better treatment can be given to this word, it seems.

24 not solved – The clue is: It’s a ground breaker (nothing to be frightened of) (9)

25 AGENT NOUN – a,gent,noun (anag. of on UN)

27 EARLAP – anag. of ‘a pearl’. I believe ‘earlap’ also means ‘earflap’ and I understand what it is, but I don’t know of this as something that covers a hearing aid.

28 AESTHETE – anag. of ‘see E that’


1 COERCE – co(-mm)erce

3 STRING ORCHESTRA – I believe this is the answer. I know what a ‘string orchestra’ is and I know what wind instruments are but I have not fully understood the crypticity of this clue.

4 OILIEST – anag. of ‘Eliot is’

6 LEG BEFORE WICKET – Cryptic def. Ref. to the “pads” that a batsman wears.

7 QUAFF – qu,a,ff – Qu. is also recorded in the dictionary as an abbr. of ‘question’ though Q is more familiar and used invariably.

16 DALLIANCE – d,alliance

17 AMPERAGE – a,MP,erage (anag. of ‘agree’)

19 LESION – anag. of ‘lose in’ – Nice surface reading.

20 TRAINEE – t(rain)ee

21 not solved – The clue is: One shipwrecked, being off course (6)

23 CHEER – that this word also means ‘food’ I learnt today on looking up Chambers. But I also remember this was mentioned somewhere before.


2 Responses to “Financial Times 12,722 / by Quark”

  1. Don Manley says:

    Sadly Eric Burge (Quark/Quantum) died aged 81 on 14 May following a fall at home. I have added a personal note on the Crossword Centre website, and an obituary has been commissioned by The Guardian.

  2. smiffy says:

    Sad news indeed, Don, but I appreciate your informing us. I found Quark’s puzzles to be always a pleasure, never a chore.

    With regard to Rishi’s missing answers, I have: 14A RETORT, 24A SCARIFIER, 21D CRUSOE.
    1A A “quarrel” is also a type of bolt fired from a crossbow.

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