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Guardian 24,393 (Puck)

Posted by diagacht on May 21st, 2008


This caused me some trouble with two clues solved but unexplained.

10 ANNIE: hidden in bemoAN NIEtzsche
11 CAPTAIN: A P (a page) in anagram of ACT I + N (opening night)
13 SNOWY: reversed and hidden in easilY WON Second
16 VIRGINIA CREEPER: VIRGIN (uncorrupted) + I A (one article) + CREEPER (brothel creepers were a fashionable type of shoe in the rockabilly 1950’s
19 ROTAVATES: breaks ground, but the cryptic?
23 HIRSUTE: anagram of HER SUIT, and also a homophone
25 NULLIFIES: anagram of FUN IE (that is) and SILL (silly without y, the unkonwn)
2 TRAPDOOR: reverse of ROOD (cross) PART (section)
3 LEGACY: EG in LACY (sounds like lacey)
4 JINN: J (judge) + INN
5 ON THE ROCKS: as in whiskey, barnacles and a place to get wrecked
6 LAID BARE: BAR in anagram of IDEAL
7 IN GOAL: IN + anagram of A LOG
8 WEEK: creation takes place in a week according to Genesis 1; also WEE K (baby grand)
14 BLISTERING: anagram of TIRES in BLING
15 STRIPTEASE: TEASE (guy, as in joe) after STRIP
17 INVOLVED: double definition
18 POP MUSIC: based on the presumption that a father disapproves of the musical taste of his child
20 TINTIN: Tintin lives with Captain Haddock at Marlinspike Hall; he has a dog called Snowy. So far so good, but the cryptic?
21,24 MARLIN SPIKE: MARLINS PIKE; a marlin spike is used to separate strands of rope
22 DOSH: DOS (parties) + H

15 Responses to “Guardian 24,393 (Puck)”

  1. Eileen says:

    19ac: SET-AV[i]ATOR reversed

    I couldn’t unpack 20dn, either, but thought the theme quite amusing, with the blistering barnacles as well.

    Thanks for 9ac: I could see it must be NORWEGIAN but didn’t spot the anagrind.

  2. Colin Blackburn says:

    20d ‘singsong oddly enough’ is SnSn, ie Tintin.

  3. Eileen says:

    20dn: that’s brilliant! I’d thought it might be alternate letters but would never have got to ‘TIN’. [touche for yesterday, Colin: it was my Science that was not very good! I knew stannum was tin but think I thought the symbol was ST]

  4. Andrew says:

    18dn I think is an &lit, with wordplay = “some bars” = MUSIC “looked down on by” = under, “old man” = “POP”.

    Did you mean to omit the explanation of 1dn? Anyway, it’s S + V-O rev in KNOCKER. I’m not sure what the Guardian Women’s page (does it still exist?) would have to say about that…

    I thought the misdirection in 7dn was clever – I was trying to justify ON FIRE or similar for a while before I got it.

  5. Michael says:

    I was very impressed with this one!
    19 ac is set aviator – I returning

  6. Frances says:

    Can anyone explain 3d to me please.

  7. beermagnet says:

    3D Legacy: Definition is “something left behind”; EG is “say”, which is “in” “sort of underwear” LACY. It is confusing because it has what is being inserted specified after the first part.

  8. Frances says:

    Thanks, Beermagnet. That’s exactly what I was confused about. He must be a libertarian!

  9. muck says:

    Thanks, Colin, for explaining 20dn. I spotted a song included in ‘BelgiAN THEMe’, but eventually the crossing letters gave me the correct Belgian theme.

  10. Tom Hutton says:

    I finished this but I sometimes think that clues generally are getting too elaborate so that I put in two answers here without being able to summon the enthusiasm to work out the cryptology. Is that a defect in me or the setter? Did anyone work out Tintin from the cryptic clue (sn sn) before finding the solution from the other clues first?

  11. Dave Ellison says:

    I enjoyed this on the whole, but have to agree I also couldn’t find the enthusiasm to work out “Tintin” and “Rotovates”; however, I thought “Hirsute” was too obvious to be the answer, so left it out, which didn’t help in completing the bottom corner.

  12. Geoff says:

    I got CAPTAIN and then HADDOCK, which led me to TINTIN – and, no, I couldn’t see the cryptic clue either. But a thematic crossword can become too easy if the keyword is too straightforwardly clued. I forgive Puck for this one – there are so many really good, imaginative clues with excellent (though highly misleading) surface readings in this puzzle. “Muff’ as an anagrind is wonderful.

  13. Val says:

    Could someone please explain the ones I still don’t get?

    1d – How do you get KNOCKER from Bristol?

    7d – What is the def? I can’t get from “keeping alight” to IN GOAL.

  14. Frances says:

    1d – Diagacht is a man of the church and so probably hesitated to explain this one!
    Think Cockney rhyming slang for Bristol City…

    7d – “Keeping” is the solution indicator i.e. what a goal-keeper does. IN (alight) + anagram of A LOG

  15. Em says:

    Nobody has given the answer to 22 across. I got Dangler but don’t totally understand the loose swinger.

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