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Independent 6738/Dac

Posted by John on May 21st, 2008


Dac’s typically good offering, but, unusually, one or two clues about which I am a bit doubtful.

1 CASABLANCA – ca s(ailing) a B (canal)*
6 SWOP – (POWS)rev.
9 LEGI(R)ON. I know it makes for a good surface, but is a leg-iron really a band? A leg-iron’s a fetter, something that restrains, and a band can be used for restraining, but …
12 C(H)AFF
13 METER MAID – “made” at the back of “metre”
16 TRIED ONE’S BEST – (tense brides to)*
20 CAUTIONED – (education)*
23 IMP(ASS)E(l)
24 BOUQUET – 2 defs
25 vulGAR Yob
26 UNFRIENDLY – (funnily Red)*
1 C(ALIC(e))O
2 SIGMA – “cig” ma
3 BAREFACED LIES – after a shave you’re barefaced
4 A GNOME N. Is nickname quite good enough? Both Chambers and the COD say that it is jocular, humorous, familiar; the COD doesn’t even seem to give ‘agnomen’, but Chambers says that it’s a name added to the family name, generally on account of some great exploit.
5 CURATOR. I took a long time to understand why this is the answer, and eventually decided that it’s a homonym and meant to be “queue rater”. But who pronounces ‘curator’ like that? The first syllable more usually, I’d have thought, rhymes with the first four letters of ‘Bjorn’, or at any rate the anglicised pronunciation of that word.
7 WELFARIST – we (frail)* st
8 PARA DI((fightin)G)M
11 TERRACED HOUSE – (here Tudors)* round ace
15 STOCKING – 2 defs
17 NAN KEEN. I thought that this, together with 1dn, was a sort of mini-theme. But very mini.
18 SIDE BAR. Is ‘side bar’ a type of bar (in the pub sense)? Then why wasn’t there a question mark?
22 S(elect) QUAD – def. ‘players for the team’

One Response to “Independent 6738/Dac”

  1. nmsindy says:

    Agree it was a good puzzle. Think some latitude is OK with definitons. Collins does give AGNOMEN = nickname. Re CURATOR, I think this relates to regional accents – maybe RP would be a standard – I thought the homophone was exact.

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