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FINANCIAL TIMES No. 12,774 Set by Orense

Posted by Octofem on May 22nd, 2008


FINANCIAL TIMES No: 12,774  Set by  ORENSE , May 22, 2008

Much easier today – a fifteen minute puzzle.  Only clue which gave me pause was 8 down,
 as I was trying to fit in Sun instead of Rag!


1.    DISTANCE- (d-i- stance)
5.    SPRANG- (s- last letter buses  -prang)
10.  HAIKU – (remove first and last from ‘ that, bike and hut’,  – Japanese verse form, often on
                      subject of nature.)
11.  PART TIMER- ( d.d)
12.  INSIDE OUT- (in-side out – )
14.  RAVERS- ( r-aver-s)
15.  ENGAGED- (en-g-age-d)
18.  DEEP FRY- (d.d)
20.  TENANT- (an in tent – def.)
22.  OZONE-  (oz-one)
24.  SNARE DRUM – (snared-rum)
25.  ALLEVIATE- (a l-*live-ate0
26.  OTTER- (take r from rotter)
27.  EXPOSE-  (ex-pose, with acute accent to make the noun)
28.  GENDARME- (gen *armed)


1.   DAHLIA  (*had <ail)
2.   SHIPSHAPE – (s- hips-hape)
3.   A BUNDLE OF NERVES -(d.d.)
4.   COPIOUS- (cop -ious)
7.   AIMED -(ai-me-d – trained as in training weapon on target)
8.   GARLANDS- (<rag lands – as in’ lands a good job’)
9.   WRITHE – (writ- he, short for-His Excellency)
16. GENERATOR- (*no regret a)
17. ADVOCATE – (ad-vo-ca-te- accountant within vote)
20. TRAPEZE- (<part – eze sounds like ease)
21.  EMERGE- (e-merge)
23. ORLOP-(or (first and last of officer)-lop. ( Def.- the lowest deck of four or more)

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  1. C G Rishikesh says:

    In 15a EN(G AGE)D, ‘mature’ is adjective in surface reading but a verb in wordplay, thus yielding ‘age’. I had asked myself ‘shouldn’t mature = aged?” and only upon cogitation was I able to see the switcheroo.

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