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FT 12,775/ Sleuth

Posted by smiffy on May 23rd, 2008


With apologies for the later than usual posting.  Nothing desperately troublesome in this puzzle.
Given the grid structure, I was half expecting some sort of Nina message to emerge in the outside columns.  That possibility looked promising at first (with IS CLA…) but turned out to be wishful thinking on my part.

1 INDELICATE  – (Idea client)*
9 SP(R)Y
11 CU(S)TER – s in (truce)*.  I thought “formulated” was a bit of a clunky anagrind. Maybe something like “negotiated” would sit better?
13 LE(MON)AD,E – The grid-friendly distribution of vowels makes this a pretty common beverage in xword-land.
17 ASTI – (It’s a )*.  And here’s an even more popular tipple for setters.
19 TIGHT(W)AD – I like the “plastered poster” combo.
23 TRA(U)M,A – (a mart)<
25 NO,N(CH,ALAN)T – a wordy clue although, in fairness, it doesn’t strike me as a particularly easy answer to set.
26 S,KEW 
27 NA[-v]VY

2 NEP,TUNE – (pen)<
3 E[-d]GY,PT – an admirable surface reading.
4 [-p]INTER,VAL – The “playwright” is Harold Pinter (Nobel Laureate and proud owner of several Tony Blair voodoo dolls).
5 AMUSEMENT ARCADE – (a cue tradesman)* incl. me
7 BU(C(H)ARE)ST – I always seem to have a soft spot for double container/contents clues.
14 OLIGARCHY – (Log charity)* -t
16 A,GIT,ATOR – (rota)<.  As I’ve mentioned in the past, I tend to associate the word git with something far more derogatory than simply “idiot”. But that’s my problem, not Sleuth’s.
18 SE(QUO[-d],I)A
21 ED(WAR)D[-a] – The Edda is our “saga”.  For furthers details please consult your local neighbourhood Norse mythologist.

2 Responses to “FT 12,775/ Sleuth”

  1. Octofem says:

    Don’t think you’ll have much problem when you do get started – another pretty easy one.

  2. nmsindy says:

    Enjoyable puzzle, and, as you say, on the easy side.

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