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Financial Times 12778 / Highlander

Posted by C G Rishikesh on May 27th, 2008

C G Rishikesh.

Quite an easy crossword that I finished in just ten minutes. A beginner-level puzzle with simple words and uncomplicated and rather familiar wordplay.


1 TUMBLE DRIER – tumble, Dr., i.e., R – charade :: I would hyphenate this word. I find that it is indeed so in Chambers as well as COD.

7 PAM – p, a.m. – charade

9 LARGO - r in lago (anag. of ‘goal’) – partial anag., container-contained

10 SUPPORTER – sup, porter – charade

11 RIGMAROLE – rig, ma, role – charade

12 MANGO – man, go – charade

13 TILLAGE – anag of ‘leg’, ‘tail’ – anag.

15 SITE - si (rev. of ‘is’), te – charade

18 USED – U.S., Ed. – charade

20 MASSAGE – mass, age – charade

23 CORGI – cor, G.I. – charade

24 ARRESTING – two def. :: “surprising” does not appear to be quite an apt def. for the reqd. word

26 AGREEMENT – anag. of ‘green meat’ – anag.

27 REIGN – re, ign (anag. of ‘gin’) – charade

28 RON - from ‘wRONg’ – hidden :: ‘group’ dangles after the hidden fodder; “Boy is in the wrong”, while being idiomatic, would obviate the extra word, I think.

29 TIDDLYWINKS – tiddly, winks – charade


1 TOLERATE – to(lera)te – anag. of ‘earl’ in ‘tote’ – partial anag, container/contained

2 MARIGOLD – mar, I, gold – charade

3 LOOFA – rev. of ‘a fool’ – reversal

4 DISROBE – Di’s, robe – charade

5 IMPRESS – I’m, Press – charade

6 ROOMMATES - anag. of ‘same motor’ – anag.

7 POTENT – anag. of ‘top ten’ – anag.

8 MARROW – R in anag. of ‘a worm’ – anag.

14 ABSTINENT – ‘tin’ in ‘absent’ – container/contained

16 TAHITIAN – ta, hit, Ian – charade

17 LEGGINGS - anag. of ‘g, g, single’

19 DEAD END – charade :: this and 19d below, employ obvious word divisions

20 MARITAL – (On edit) anag. of ‘martial’ – anag.

21 ECLAIR – I in ‘eclar’ (anag. of ‘clear’) – partial anag, container/contained

22 DRY RUN – charade

25 SHREW – shrew(-d) – deletion (tail off)

4 Responses to “Financial Times 12778 / Highlander”

  1. Octofem says:

    Agreed – no challenges here.

  2. smiffy says:

    Even by Highlander’s generally Telegraph-ic standards, this one was a cinch.

    I appreciate the need for beginner-friendly puzzles, but since when does easy necessarily equate to unimaginative? Too many of the clues here seem to be “cryptic” only insofar as they contain some wordplay with a simple definition tacked on. It all seems too mechanical, or gives the impression of having been dashed off in a hurry.

    A pity, given that they is no shortage of able wannabes out there who would likely never dare to submit a clue like 20D.

  3. Fletch says:

    What was the clue for 20D? The explanation seems to be saying that the answer was marital, an anagram of marital (!)

  4. C G Rishikesh says:

    Sorry! It should have been ‘anag.’ of ‘martial’. The clue was: “Martial variety of marriage (7)”. Don’t ask me about other varieties of marriage!

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