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Financial Times 12,770 by Falcon (As Easy As Pi?)

Posted by Pete Maclean on May 29th, 2008

Pete Maclean.

A mostly easy but excellent puzzle from Falcon with one clue (3D), the wordplay of which I failed to fully fathom. 21A was tricky because while I am familiar with expressions “as easy as pie” and “as sweet as pie”, I do not recall ever hearing “as nice as pie”.


9. INANIMATE – anagram of MAINTAIN + E (English)
10. AROMA – O (drop of ouzo) in ARM (member) + A (a)
11. ATTEMPT – TA (reserves) reversed + TEMPT (draw)
12. LOOKS AT – anagram of OAK LOST
13. EAT – [h]EAT (hot weather, forgoing starter)
14. REED WARBLER – anagram of WE BRED RARE around L (lake)
17. COMET – CO (company) + MET (encountered)
18. DOH – double definition
19. WAGON – AG (silver) in NOW (at present) backwards
21. AS NICE AS PIE – NICE (a French city) in anagram of PASS + IE (that is)
23. ASP – AS (arsenic) + P (phosphorus)
25. INTERIM – IN (home) + I (one) in TERM (semester)
27. CORONER – cryptic definition
28. EPICS – E (eastern) + PICS (films)
29. NARCISSUS – anagram of RUSSIANS + C (cold)

1. FINALE – FIN[e] (mostly excellent) + ALE (beer)
2. FACTOTUM – anagram of AT MUFC about TO
3. FILM CRITIC – IT (it) in FILM (covering) + CRIC[hton]. (See comments below.)
4. FAST – double definition
5. FELLOWSHIP – FELLOWS (chap’s) + HIP (joint)
6. FARO – FAR (distant) + O (nothing)
7. FOSSIL – SS (vessel) in FOIL (silver paper)
8. FACTOR IN – F (female) + ACTOR (film star) + IN (elected)
15. ENDEARMENT – E (European) + anagram of TENDER MAN
16. RAW RECRUIT – RU (game — rugby union) in anagram of AIRCREW + T (tense)
17. CLARINET – IN (popular) in CLARET (Bordeaux)
20. GLASNOST – anagram of SLOGANS + [sovie]T. Clever!
22. NITWIT – N (name) + I (one) + TWIT (foolish person)
24. PURIST – UR (ancient city) + IS (is) in PT (past)
26. REST – double definition
27. CART – C[raftsman] + ART (skill)

5 Responses to “Financial Times 12,770 by Falcon (As Easy As Pi?)”

  1. Magpie says:

    Hi Pete
    Re 3d – film critic is right – covering = film (as in layer) with it surrounded by half of Crichton!
    When it comes to pies, as a Midlander I’ve heard (and used) “easy” and “nice”, but never “sweet”!

  2. C G Rishikesh says:

    It perhaps goes without saying but to answer your query: ‘enthralled’ is the container/contained indicator.

  3. Pete Maclean says:

    Hi Magpie and Rishi,

    Ah, yes, I see. Thank you!

  4. smiffy says:

    Another airing for that signature FT grid device (F’s along the top row, T’s along the bottom). Second time in the last month, if I recall correctly.

    I agree with your plaudit for 20D; an opportunity well-seized.

  5. Pete Maclean says:

    Oh my! I am a little shocked but I failed to notice that about the grid! Thanks for pointing it out. It’s a little conceit that I rather like.

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