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Financial Times no. 12,781 set by SATORI

Posted by Octofem on May 30th, 2008


Not too troublesome today – one or two pleasing clues with a few rather obvious ones.


1.    TAFFRAIL – <fat-frail (upper part of the stern of a ship)
5.    STASIS –  dd. (East German secret police, suspended animation)
9.    REINVENT – rein, vent
10.  VIRAGO – ( Virgo with ‘a’)
11.  ADHESIVE – a -d-hes-ive – (a dive in the sense of a low class club etc)
12.  omitted
14.  STONEHENGE – *gets around one-hen ( This was rather neat, I thought)
18.  FIELD EVENT- def., as opposed to track event
22.  LOOK ON – o.k. within loon (American name for a diving bird)
23.  CAREFREE – (s) care – free.
24.   omitted
25.  TINCTURE – dd. ( or maybe treble, a solution of alcohol and water, a trace or smattering, a dye or pigment)
26.  TURRET-  *utter with r from revived
27.  ENGENDER – very obvious one with e-ng-ender.


1.    TURBAN – t-urban
2,16.  FLIGHT RECORDER  dd (black box used to track aircraft’s history after crash, for instance)
3.   RAVISH – vi within rash ( reminds me of a time many years ago at University when I declared
to friends that a dishy professor had ‘ravished me with a smile.’  An early example of my misuse of words – truly!                                      
4.   INNOVATIVE-  In -Nov  <Evita (Another inventive clue )
6.   TWILIGHT – Not sure of the word-play here.  Twilight Zone is a well-known American TV series
which no doubt has many followers but could do with an explanation of the clue.
7,20. STAMPING  GROUND  * mad pigs grunt on
8.   SHOULDER – should -er ( to bear in sense of carry)
13. INUNDATE- i-n-und-ation (German word for’and’ within 1 nation)
15. AFFLUENT – effluent with change of first letter
17. ADVOCATE – ad-vo-ca-te
19. RESCUE  (rest-cue , with t(ime) removed)2
21. METEOR   *remote


3 Responses to “Financial Times no. 12,781 set by SATORI”

  1. Octofem says:

    Whoops – I seem to be making quite sure you know which puzzle it is!

  2. Pogel says:

    6d: Zone of the gods may be its followers (8)

    Some sort of reference to Wagner’s Götterdämmerung (Twilight of the Gods) but I’m not fully sure of the “followers” bit…

    Must be the heat out here in Switzerland, but I found this crossword towards the harder end of the FT scale.

  3. Octofem says:

    Lucky you, Pagel, to have found heat this summer. Yes, it did stir the little grey cells somewhat.

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