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Guardian 24405/Orlando – gobsmacked!

Posted by ilancaron on June 3rd, 2008


I like Orlando’s clean and precise cluing style — in this case, several instances of cheeky definitions probably deserving of a questionable indicator and more than one of working the answer out from the definition while still struggling with the wordplay.


1 THE,SSAL=rev(lass),Y – Y’s our unknown.
5 RAFFIA – I think the wordplay is rev(A=area,IF,FAR) if far can be much?
9 DAIRYF=Friday*,ARM – Friesians are cows.
11 LIZST=list* – ref. perhaps the list of musical pieces heard at a recital??
12 THE ISLE OF MAN – (item on a shelf)* — but this time I really don’t understand the (what must be cryptic) definition: “…it has legs for arms”?
19 BE(D)E – BEE’s partner ant is the harder cryptic worker. Ref. The Venerable BEDE.
21 ALTER,NATIVES – an amusing charade.
24 OWNED – rev hidden
25 KIN,KIN,ESS – ESS is our letter.
26 [bit]T(USK)ER – the River USK is a frequent cryptic visitor.
27 FLAG,POLE – it’s where its raised.


2 [d]ELIA – Charles Lamb’s pseudonym: rev(aile[d]).
3 S,CY,THE – it’s a verb as well I guess.
6 ALL SOULS – nice clue since “incorporate” must literally mean “without body” I suppose.
7 FISHMONGER – (he’s forming)* — I love the definition of “sole trader”.
8 ASTONISHED – so the def is “gobsmacked” but the rest? “one’s dropped by university!”
14 KERBSTONES – (broken sets)* and they are literally “by the way”.
17 B(E,GR)UDGE – GR is our monarch (as in George Rex).
20 HE,WING – I suppose this hangs together. Lumberjacks HEW. WING is arm. And they are certainly men (usually!).
22 ME,MO – ME the setter.

10 Responses to “Guardian 24405/Orlando – gobsmacked!”

  1. greyfox says:

    20 down : Reverse of eh(reverse of what)) and wing(branch).

  2. greyfox says:

    8 dn Aston (is a UK University – bit unfair on overseas solvers) i + shed.

    12 ac. The Isle of Man’s symbol is a triskelion,: three bent legs, each with a spur, joined at the thigh.

  3. Chunter says:

    11ac: LISZT. One can recite a list, I suppose.

  4. Andrew says:

    20dn HE = reverse of EH = what (as in “Eh? What did you say?”)

  5. Andrew says:

    Oops, meant to say: so “HE” is “what about”.

  6. Andrew says:

    Oops again, I’ve just noticed Greyfox has already said all this. I’ll get my coat..

  7. Eileen says:

    5ac: ‘far’ can often mean ‘much’, as in ‘far better, etc.’

    I loved the sole trader, too. I also thought 10dn MULTINATIONAL was very clever.

  8. John says:

    11ac. How about: Liszt recited could be “list”, which has an old meaning of “listen to”. So “heard” in recital.

  9. muck says:

    Some lovely clues, not all of which I got. 6dn & 21ac especially.

  10. Dave Ellison says:

    Some great clues, here. I liked 12ac especially, and did wonder if “It has legs for arms!” by itself would have been enough (or better, though a good deal harder)

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