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Independent 6751 by Phi

Posted by nmsindy on June 5th, 2008


Unusual for Phi to appear other than on a Friday. Not sure if this means some themed puzzle is planned for this Friday 6 June. This I found very well put together as always from Phi, a little on the easy side, solving time 15 mins.

Recently I missed a Phi Nina, so, with only a little confidence, say I don’t see one here.

* = anagram < = reversed


1 AB (Blood group) SUR(e) D (Dracula at first). Reminds me of one of my favourite clues from the late Aquila (Bert Danher) “An alarming blood count? (7)” – answer at end of blog

5 D (YNAM) O many<

8 RELIGIOUS ORDER The quote is from Shakespeare’s Hamlet

11 GLIB Bilg(e)<


13 T (E N) ON SAW (was not)<

15 HIP P O


22 ASTRONOMER (star no more)* The ‘me’ has an extra significance as the Azed book reveals Phi is a trained astronomer

25 CHIC(k)

25/26 NOISE POLLUTION (sell-out opinion)*

27 P (l = left) IERS

28 EL NINO (on line)* ”Weather formation’ sounds a touch euphemistic



3 (p)URGE

4 DROP (HEAD COUP E) S New phrase to me that I was very pleased to work out from the excellent wordplay.

5 DE (of in French) SPOT

6 NEOLITHIC (into Chile)*

7 MUDFLAP “Flood map”

8 R IGHT AS RAIN (r this again)* r = runs (cricket)

10 RADIO BEACON (aboard on ice)*

14 NIPP (ONE’S) E (r)

16 TRUE BLUE Blue = waste (squander). Very much on the political right

18 AN T (H) ILL farm (vb) = till

20 ICH DIEN German for “I serve” Motto of the Prince of Wales

24 BU (R) N R = rex (king)


6 Responses to “Independent 6751 by Phi”

  1. Testy says:

    16D was the only one I had a question mark over so thanks for explaining that. The “waste” meaning of BLUE is one that is completely unknown to me (and all the dictionaries that are currently available to me)

  2. Ali says:

    Chambers gives blue as “to squander”, not that I’d ever heard of it before!

    I found this quite a bit harder than the usual Phi offering, particularly the top half. Can’t argue with any of the clues though.

    I wonder what we have in store tomorrow….!

  3. nmsindy says:

    BLUE = squander is in COD (given as ‘dated’), Collins, and, as indicated above, Chambers. I knew it only through crosswords though – can’t ever recall hearing it used.

  4. Duggie says:

    This meaning of ‘blue’ was unknown to me too. Its homophone as in ‘blew the lot’ occurred to me, even without the usual ‘aural’ indicator. Perhaps tomorrow’s date is significant?

  5. Graham T says:

    June 6 is D-Day

  6. conradcork says:

    Probably not relevant, but R D Wingfield, creator of Inspector Frost, would have been 80 tomorrow.

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