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Guardian 24,403 (Sat 31 May)/Araucaria – Drama police

Posted by rightback on 6th June 2008


[Note: I’m posting this on Friday afternoon as I’m away for the weekend (off to Dublin to watch Radiohead on Saturday night). I hope this is ok, as the deadline for entries was Friday morning, but if anyone knows differently then please say and I won’t post early again.]

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Guardian 24408 / Chifonie New solvers start here…..

Posted by tilsit on 6th June 2008


I suppose the kindest thing I could say about this puzzle is that it probably provides a gentle introduction to daily cryptic crosswords for the novice.  As a hard-bitten and long-in-the-tooth solver, I am afraid there was little in this to provide me with any enjoyment.  Perhaps we have been spoilt by a particularly outstanding week, but solving this seemed a chore and reminded me of the Lavengro days in the Guardian.

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Independent 6752/Radian

Posted by John on 6th June 2008


It was obvious that something was in store for today, Phi having been moved to Thursday. So far as I can see it’s because it’s 64 years after D-Day. But 64? Is that so special? I must be missing something.

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Independent 6747/Virgilius

Posted by neildubya on 6th June 2008


The theme for this puzzle is Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales”. The 12, the 13, the 18, the 20, the 24 and the 8 all have their own tales, as does the Nun’s 22. Indeed,”Canterbury Tales” was my first answer for 29, although it soon became apparent that this wasn’t right. Read the rest of this entry »

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Financial Times 12,787 – Bradman

Posted by Uncle Yap on 6th June 2008

Uncle Yap.

Common abbreviations used
dd = double definition
cd = cryptic definition
rev = reversed or reversal
ins = insertion
cha = charade
* = anagram

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Inquisitor 74 – A Quotation by Schadenfreude

Posted by duncanshiell on 6th June 2008


This puzzle was presented as a 10 row *11 columns jigsaw within a frame of 12 rows *13 columns such that the outer rim was independent of interlocking words. The central square in the top row was blacked out to leave the outer rim comprising 45 cells that would ultimately contain a quotation and its originator.

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