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Financial Times 12,790 / Crux

Posted by C G Rishikesh on June 10th, 2008

C G Rishikesh.

Done in 30 minutes. Puzzle is of average difficulty. I got toehold with 13ac. I finished the lower half of the grid first. The very last ones were in the top left corner: 1ac, 1dn and (surprisingly) 3dn.


1 ARMFUL – (-h)armful

4 AT A PINCH – a (tap) inch

10 ESCHEAT – E S, cheat

12 IRIS – Iris(-h)

13 ST. MICHAELS – anag. of ‘alchemists’

15 EXITED – ex(-c)ited

16 ESPOUSE – E, spouse

20 STRINGS – two def.

21 NEOCON – neo(anag. of ‘one’), con – I solved this from wordplay. Didn’t know of this term in U.S. politics.

24 ANNO DOMINI – a,d (initial letters of ‘any dithering’ which in caps expands to Anno Domini (in the year of Our Lord). It also means ‘old age’ 

26 ACME - anag. of ‘came’

28 ENTRAIN – anag. of ‘net’, rain

29 PARLOUR – pa,r,lour – We know ‘lower’ = scowl. Until today I did not know of the variant ‘lour’

30 PEDESTAL – cryptic def.

31 BUSHEL – Bush, E, L (As if there are no Presidents other than Bush!)


1 ALEWIVES – i’ve in anag. of Wales, ‘resort’ being the anagrind.

3  USED – hidden in ‘FamoUS EDitor’ The def. for the word required precedes the hidden indicator ‘in composition’

5 TASTIEST – t(asti)est

6 PEASHOOTER - P.E.,a, shooter

7 NIOBE – A biblical character familiar to crossword solvers. I don’t know of Ulster honour.

8 HONEST – ones in ht (middle of ‘eigHTies’)

9 STATE – every odd letter in SeTbAtTlE

14 BEHIND BARS – two def – Solvers may be pardoned if they first toyed with ‘cellar room’ or similar terms before hitting upon the right answer

17 SACKCLOTH – sack, cloth – term from the phrase ‘sackcloth and ashes’

18 EGOMANIA – anag. of ‘I manage’ goes around O (love), ‘doctor’ being the anagrind

22 MAKE-UP – two def. -When two people make up after a quarrel, they ‘shake hands’

27 FRAU – initial letters of ‘Feel Regret After Upset'; ‘foreign’ because it’s a German term 

3 Responses to “Financial Times 12,790 / Crux”

  1. J.S. Maude says:

    Ulster honour is NI(Northern Ireland) and OBE


  2. C G Rishikesh says:

    Thanks. I was looking for a single term for “Ulster’s prestigious honour”! I do know of the use of apostrophe/possessive in crossword clues but here I think it’s misleading. Any opinions?

  3. Andrew says:

    “Ulster’s” can also mean “Ulster has” – a common setter’s trick – so this is perfectly sound (except that strictly speaking “Ulster” is not the same as “Northern Ireland”).

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