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Guardian 24,411 (Puck)

Posted by diagacht on June 10th, 2008


Some difficult clues here. I couldn’t follow the clue for 24dn. Can it be that it has gone west?

1 HIGHLIGHT: HIGH (drunk) + LIGHT (answer to clue)
6 CLIME: CrIME with right (r) changed to left (l)
10,23 TALL SHIP: TAP around anagram of HILLS
11 REINDEER: tReEsInNeDwEhEaR, use only the even letters leaving nothing odd! I have this trick before but this one took me ages.
14 ART COURSE: spoonerism of carthorse.
15 SUOMI: I MOUS(e) in reverse with Suomi referring to Finland
20 OPULENCE: LEN in anagram of COUPE
25 WATERLIGHT ALIBI: WATER (wee) + TIGHT (drunk) + LIB (party) in AI (road)
26 TEENY: TEE (support for driving) + NY
27 EXPEDIENT: EX + P(at)IENT (replacing ‘at’, a time, with ED, a small boy)
1 HEIST: HE (third person) + IST (first)
2 GODSLOT: GODS (theatre gallery) + LOT
3 LOCK: double definition requiring some knowledge of rugby
5 TRAVEL EAST: RAV(e) in anagram of SEATTLE
6 COSA NOSTRA: ARTS SOC around ON (operating) + A, all reversed
7 IN UTERO: anagram of ROUTINE
8 EXTORTION: EX (beheading or execution of SEX) + TORT (wrong) + ION (charged particle)
13 PRODUCTIVE: ROD (gun) in PUC(k) (tailed setter) + IVE (model 4E)
14 ANGKOR WAT: ANT around anagram of WORK in GA (Georgia). 12C temple in Cambodia built for King Suryavarman II.
17 MOUNTIE: MO (medical officer) on (a)UNTIE (the BBC is known as auntie)
19 ITEMISE: IT (first off hit) + EMIS + E (head of espionage)
22 TAINT: double definition of a sort
24 : ??

11 Responses to “Guardian 24,411 (Puck)”

  1. David says:

    4d,21 is indeed GONE WEST, diagacht: Shot = Go (Have a shot at something), followed by NEWEST. 21a on its own refers to Fred West, a nororious and horrendous serial killer

    2d: I’d have been happier with ‘item for sale’, rather than ‘items’ to give LOT

  2. Andrew says:

    21ac/24dn: WESTWARD – serial killer Fred West, and a tie is a draw, which is “up” to give WARD.

    I thought 15ac was clever.

  3. Andrew says:

    Diagacht, from the way you mention “the clue for 24dn” it occurs to me that maybe there’s a discrepancy between the paper and online versions yet again. The online version has:

    21/24 Direction to tie up serial killer first (8)

    David, I had the same thought about “items for sale”.

  4. beermagnet says:

    I believe the paper and the online versions are the same today.
    It is the way the online version deals with lights used in more than one clue that is troublesome in a way that means it is easy to miss the clue for 21/24: If you click on 24 on the grid it highlights 21/24 on the grid but the clue for 4/21. If you click on the clue for 21/24 it higlights 4,21 and 24 on the grid and jumps to the clue for 4/21 again. So you can never get the clue for 21/24 highlighted!

  5. Andrew says:

    Ah, I see what you mean. I use the online version but I almost always print out the puzzles as I find it very fiddly to use the on-screen grid.

  6. Geoff says:

    2dn: A ‘LOT’ is whatever is to be sold at one go at an auction, so can comprise one or many ‘items’ – I don’t think Puck is actually amiss here.

    11ac: Very clever – the ‘odd’ or ‘even’ trick is not unusual, but the inclusion of ‘we hear’ in the clue decoys the solver into looking for homophones.

    Interesting use of the crime theme in this puzzle – sometimes for the solutions and sometimes for the clues.

  7. Nathan says:

    Didn’t get 16ac, despite having g-m-n. Can anyone help?

  8. Eileen says:

    16ac: GAMIN [‘mischievous child’] – hidden word: borrowinG A MINi’s

  9. anna walker says:

    this was just too difficult for me!

  10. dave brown says:

    Can anyone explain the wordplay of 18 across? Criminal interned so no escaping or running away. DESERTION

  11. Andrew says:

    Dave, it’s an anagram of INTERNED SO minus N(=no)

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