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Independent 6758 by Nimrod

Posted by nmsindy on June 13th, 2008


This puzzle appeared only on the paper’s website – the previous day’s Virgilius was reprinted in the paper.

I found it very hard, but got there in the end – solving time 70 mins.   There’s quite a bit that I do not fully understand – if anyone can help I’d much appreciate it – it’s the first time I’ve done a puzzle from the site and I found a  little difficult when it can’t be printed out.

So I’m writing this with only my answers in front of me, so forgive absence of clue numbers and some other usual features, but I hope it’s clear enough.

* = anagram < = reversal


MONTANA   It’s a state but I do not understand the rest

OVERHIT    V in anagram

THIRTYSOMETHING   Again, I understand the definition, but not the rest

CLEAR   Double definition

CORNFIELD   Guess Constable must have painted one, but did not check (rifle)* con d make it up if a little loosely.

NO (THIN) G    This was very good

TANK TOP   cf tonk tap


ERUP T  pure<

VAUGH AN WILLIAMS   See the anagram for the last ten letters but do not understand the rest

RAISINS   Not understood, apart from definition




INCIDENTAL MUSIC   Cryptic definition

MASTERMIND C HAIR   Theme of the puzzle linked with 6 down   Hair is the musical, not too sure of the rest


TOM (MY) ROT    Wordplay not fully understood

SEAT OF INTELLECT   I eventually worked this out from the anagram, when I’d sufficient crossing letters.  I Googled it then to see what it referred to but nothing much came up so I do not understand the reference in the clue

THAI RESTAURANTS   Got this straightaway – anagram

ST AGED   Liked this

GOODNESS   Double definition I got early on

PUT ASIDE   anagram of a dispute

S (EVER) N   Sn = tin – this was clever, I thought

L (O) ITER   How Americans spell litre

8 Responses to “Independent 6758 by Nimrod”

  1. beermagnet says:

    9A MONTANA Lisa is MONA and TAN is Browning


    21A VAUGH AN WILLIAMS Presume there’s an “Islamic Law” in VAUGH somehow

    3D MASTERMIND CHAIR Grduates Semester MA’S TERM IN D.C. I reckon (then HAIR)

    5D TOMMY-ROT Don’t know either – last I put in

  2. Keith says:

    21A Probably a reference to his Sea Symphony

    5D It’s OM (order)+MY (setter’s) in TROT

    22A RAISING (growing) with S(ullivan) for G(ilbert), but it doesn’t work for me

  3. Fletch says:

    T/OM/MY/ROT: In running (trot), order (OM), this setter’s (my).

  4. beermagnet says:

    To print from the webpage I use (Alt)+(Print Screen), or just (Print Screen), and copy into the Paint program to tidy it up, then copy into Word. Typically it takes 4 screen shots to get all the clues but I always end up with everything on one A4 sheet.

  5. Testy says:

    21A is (U+ISLAM LAW HAVING)*. I presume the “main” reference is to his Sea Symphony.

    Apparently the ancient Egyptians thought that the heart was the “seat of intellect” i.e. they thought that we thought with our hearts not our brains.

  6. Richard Palmer says:

    21A is U in anag of Islam law having

    13A is CON round first letter of (rifle*) + d

    I found this a very tough puzzle and guessed it must be Nimrod. I could eventually work out all the clues except TOMMY ROT – thanks Fletch for the explanation.

  7. nmsindy says:

    Many thanks to all for those explanations. Definitely, Friday the 13th – no puzzle in paper, my day to blog, expecting a straightforward Phi, but it’s Nimrod who’s at the harder end of the Indy scale and I’m using the website for the first time to solve!

  8. Colin Blackburn says:

    Niall, you should have just (re)blogged the Virgilius and hoped no-one noticed! It was a tough puzzle.

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