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Independent 6760 by Glow-Worm

Posted by NealH on June 16th, 2008


*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed

I found this quite tough and there were a number of tricky, deceptive clues.

8 Beneficiary: Soundalike of Ben E. Fishery (Ben Elton the comedian rather than Elton John).
9, 24 Ice Age: I[rvin]e around CE AG.
10 Sales Resistance: (ceaseless strain)*. Not completely convinced about “involves” as an anagram indicator.
11 Assailant: As Saint around Al<. Southampton FC are known as the Saints and it’s Al[an] Shearer (although I’ve never heard anyone call him that).
13 Nudes: Crpytic def (barely).
15, 16 Summer Season: Sum on around Mersea’s.
19 Owner: Own + ER.
20 Overspill: cryptic def.
21 Indian Wrestling: (rigid lawn tennis)*.
25 Ejector Seat: o in (jet creates)*.
1 Englishman: Single* + HM + a[dmiratio]n. Not my favourite clue since I’m English but also a republican.
2 Offs: [T]offs.
3 Schemas: Sch + same<.
4 Tap Into: TA + pint + o. Good disguise of the definition.
5 Bystanders: Stan in Derby’s*.
6 Mien: Even letters of umpire + N. Not sure why regularly is used to mean even – it’s certainly not the mathematical definition.
7 Reversing light: Lamp<. Possibly not one for the Ximenean purists since there doesn’t appear to be any proper definition.
8 Busman’s Holiday: Busman’s + Holiday.
12 Icebreaker: Cryptic def (as in breaking the ice at a party).
14 Dispirited: DI + rips< + it + ed.
17 Hogweed: Hog + wee + d. The last one I got, since I was stumped for another word for parsnip. The parsnip in question is actually Cow Parsnip.
18 Memento: Me + men + to.
22 Does: double def.
23 Tort: homophone of taught.

8 Responses to “Independent 6760 by Glow-Worm”

  1. nmsindy says:

    Tough puzzle, I thought. I think 20 across is OVERS PILL.

  2. Mick H says:

    Agree entirely about ‘Englishman’. Pah!
    I think you can use’regularly’ to indicate either the even or odd letters – or for that matter every third letter of a longer word. Nothing mathematical, it just means you take a letter at regular intervals.

  3. Ali says:

    Yep, quite a toughie today. Had to admit defeat on HOGWEED, MEMENTO and EJECTOR SEAT (annoyingly). Some nice stuff here, but I think that the REVERSING LIGHT clue is pretty poor. I’ve got no problem with non-Ximenean stuff, but for a clue like that to work (in my head at least), the word given should mean something in its own right.

  4. nmsindy says:

    As a Ximenean, I’d be happy with REVERSING LIGHT as an occasional ploy for variation where the answer is clear. I think the definition is implicit from the clue.

  5. Wil Ransome says:

    “8 Beneficiary: Soundalike of Ben E. Fishery …”. I think it’s as likely to be “Ben a fishery” and probably what he intended. Agree with NealH about the weirdness of Al for Shearer, also with Ali about Pmal, which I thought was inadequate.

  6. Paul B says:

    In football circles (or semi-circles), it’s widely accepted that Hansen and Shearer are Alan and Al respectively. This has been confusing for the public at large, who were used to hearing the ex-England captain referred to only as ‘Alan’.

    But now, due to the Beeb’s remorseless coverage of Euro 2008, featuring the deadly duo plus Lineker whenever the excuse arises, there is a burgeoning familiarity with the new distinction.

    I can see why folks think GW a little too too up-to-date on this, but shurely he is, in truth, quite fair.

    Pmal is in the tradition of Enigmatist’s visual style of clueing that for me characterized his earlier Grauniad work. And gave me the right horn. Ah, the glorious days of Onu? (10,14). And URBAN? (7,4).

  7. Testy says:

    I don’t mind these sorts of clues. They’re kind of like Dingbats. I would say that, where they are relatively easy, I would be happy for them not to have a definition part to them as it keeps things fun and doesn’t give the game away too much. “Pmal?” falls into this category and I think it is actually made easier by “Pmal” not being a real word and quite obviously “lamp” in reverse.

    Where they are a less obvious (and here I’d cite “Onu?” in Paul B’s post above simply because I can’t get it!) then they could probably benefit from a definition.

  8. Paul B says:

    Diminished responsibility for onu(s), URBAN for capital(ised) city (as a modifier). The ‘good idea’ clue as well, such as 014? = double agent. Paul in The Guardian got away with this:

    … = S in Morse Code, where he was having a play with the sport among compilers of using …s to join (usually only very tenuously related) clues.

    I love these, as they get us (I mean ‘me’, of course) away from The Writerly for a few brief moments.

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