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Financial Times 12,789 – Dante

Posted by Uncle Yap on June 17th, 2008

Uncle Yap.

From FT Monday 9 June 2008
Common abbreviations used
dd = double definition
cd = cryptic definition
rev = reversed or reversal
ins = insertion
cha = charade
* = anagram

What a pleasant change from the rapid-fire easy puzzle we have come to expect from Dante. This one has a marvellous &lit clue and other clever devices, both challenging and deceptive. The winner has to work harder than normal to earn the Bloombury Concise English Dictionary.

1 RESIDENT Ins of ID in RESENT (feel indignant)
5 EDWARD Old dd chestnut alluding to the writer Edward Lear
9 SEARCH ME *(cashmere)
10 OBLIGE dd
12 GILTS Cha of G (a note can be anything from A to G) ILTS *(list)
Gilt-edged securities came from the fact that the edge of the document was given a golden colour and now mean securities of the highest quality, usually issued and guaranteed by governments
13 SECATEURS *(curse a set)
14 MISSES Punny clue that brought a smile
16 SANDBAG cd for something used to stem a river that breaks its bank or a small cosh used by a mugger, perhaps
19 BREADTH *(the Bard)
21 SEE YOU dd When one calls in a poker game, it’s like “Let me see your cards”
23 SECTIONAL *(coastline)
25 BADGE Cha of BAD (defective) GE (rev of EG, for example)
27 LACERATE Ins of ACER (tree) in LATE (dead)
28 GALLEY Cha of G (note) ALLEY (passage)
29 GAZETTES GAZE (steady look) TTES *(test)

2 SMALL TIME *(steam mill)
3 DUCKS dd
4 NEMESIS *(seems in)
6 DEBUTANTE *(be taunted)
7 ADIEU Ins of DIE (fade away) in AU (to the French)
8 DRESSAGE Cha of DRESS (don) AG (silver) E (note)
11 ACES What a superb cd which I immediately got since it was only hours after watching Nadal annihilate Federer at Roland Garros
17 BROADCAST A delightful &lit clue being Cha of BROAD (wide) CAST *(acts)
20 HAND dd – a measure of four inches; a division of a bunch of bananas;
22 REVERS any part of a garment that is turned back, such as a lapel
24 CAROL Another delightful cd alluding to Christmas
25 BREVE B (key) REVE (rev ever, always)

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