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Inquisitor 75 CLASSIFIED by Hypnos

Posted by Hihoba on June 17th, 2008


Excellent puzzle based on James Bond villains on the centenary of the birth of Ian Fleming, with some inventive and amusing clues.

Once I’d twigged that we were looking at SCARAMANGA (which led me to the Bond theme), not SCARAMOUCH, the outside ring fell out quite easily (after a bit of Wiki-ing), the villains in clockwise sequence being:

The misprinted letters in across clues 11, 24, 38, 40 spell BOND; misprints in down clues 8, 19, 20,28,32,33,34,35 spell VILLAINS

I spent a long time trying to spell something like “Ian Fleming Centenary” with the letters unclued in the wordplay, before realising that it was WHERE they were not WHAT they were that mattered. Inevitably they were 007 when highlighted.

Solving time : Lots and lots!

BOLD letters are letters with no wordplay, misprints are indicated by BOLD and italic in the definition.

Sory about the lack of colour, the software removes it all when I save the draft! 

Villain clues
BLOFELD B(ran)D round LO-F(i) (shoddy) + EL
HUGO DRAX (Victor) HUGO + DR. AX (American axe)
LE CHIFFRE LECH (in Austria) + IF (provided) + FRE(D) – man with no end of fooD
MR BIG MIG (fighter) round RB
ROSA KLEBB REBB(i) round [OSAK(a) + L] all reversed
 9  BORED – uninspired, sounds like board
 10  ESAU – (a hairy man!), hidden
 11  LEGO – Simply Built, G(luttony) in LEO
 12  BOSWORTH FIELD, [HOLDS BERT]* WO and FI are unclued
 14  ARCED – flashed, A (one) + RE (about), C and D are unclued
 15  LYNNE – woman, LYE + N(ew), first N is unclued
 18  PITA – bread, PTA is school body, I is unclued
 20  GABON – country, GAN(g), BO are unclued
 23  KORAN – religious work, KON(fyt), RA are unclued
 24  AULA – roOm of old, (P)AULA
 25  FACIA – part of car, F + AC + AI reversed
 26  LAMB – double meaning
 28  STARE – peer, S(ucceeded) + TA (thank you), RE are unclued
 29  STALE – tainted, ALE, ST are unclued
 30  OPAH – the kingfish, OP(r)AH Winfrey
 32  SOLDO – coin once in Rome, SO (very good) round OLD
 36  PENAL – very severe, [PLAN]*, E is unclued
 37  EAU DE TOILETTE – perfume, E(nglish) + AUDE(n) + O (love) + LETTE(r), T is unclued
 38  RAKE – leaN, double meaning
 39  RAUN – fish roe (small fry!), R(oyal) A(cademy) + U.N.
 40  MIAUL – Din, AIM reversed + U(niversity) L(ecturer)
 1  COOLY – labourer, COOL + (sh)Y
 2  ARSENAL – team, Brian LARA reversed round S(econd), EN are unclued
 3  ADORE – love, A(n)DRE (nameless Parisian), O is unclued
 4  MERCENARY – paid army and men (excellent deifinition!), [ARMY + (m)EN]*, CE and second R are unclued
 5  ASTER – plant, (E)ASTER
 6  GUFF – nonsense, FUG (hot air) reversed, first F is unclued
 7  HEEL-IN – to cover roots, HE + EN, LI are unclued
 8  UGLY – Vile, [GU(i)L(t)Y]* – I liked “suspect” as an anagram indicator!
 13  IMPALA – animal, ALP (pasture) + M(aintain) all reversed – northerly! I and first A are unclued
 16  POISONING – a type of murder, (c)OINING is invention, P and SO are unclued 
 17  BRAT – badly behaved young figure, BA (graduate), R and T are unclued
 19  TIME – bird (time in prison), [I MET]*
 20  GULP – boLt, PLUG reversed
 21  BATHED – took a dip, the A might be “took a” used twice, TD is Irish politico round HE (ambasador) , B is unclued
 22  OFAY – a white person, FAY means to unite or fit, O is unclued
 27  ALL-STAR – full of lions, ALTAR round LS
 28  SALUKI – dog controlled by lead (excellent!), SALK (of the vaccine) round U(niversity) + I 
 31  SEOUL – Eastern capital, SOUL music, E is unclued
 32  SALMI – mixed fAre (a ragout in Chambers), SAL + MI 
 33  DATUM – a bIt on computers, DA (lawyer) + TUM (corporation)
 34  WAAF – serving women linked to plaNes, WA’ (wall in Glasgow) + A + F(oot)
 35  MERC – faSt car, most or CRE(a)M reversed

One Response to “Inquisitor 75 CLASSIFIED by Hypnos”

  1. nmsindy says:

    Yes, a very enjoyable puzzle. With a number of other puzzles around the centenary, I did guess the theme fairly early on and was looking for 007 from the start.
    It was only at the very end tho that I got VILLAINS in the message. In 35 dn, I read it as CREM(e), taking off the last letter.

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