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Guardian 24,418 – Taupi

Posted by manehi on June 18th, 2008


Struggled with this for a while, but got there in the end. Several nice clues in here, and nothing too difficult, although I had to guess 13dn and at some of the wordplay.

9 PENINSULA (lines up an)* – took me a while, as I hadn’t heard of “bill” in this sense before.
10 CREDO Originally thought this was C,RE,DO with two uses of “about” and was slightly annoyed – kicked myself when I saw it was C,REDO
11 TWIN,E Nice misleading surface.
13 SCUTTLE double def – I assume the “basket” half refers to coal scuttles.
17,19,20 STAGE MAN,AGING put this down as an &lit, as “getting on”=AGING seems needed for the definition as well. STAGE=”coach” and MAN=”member of group”, I suppose.
21 LINCTUS Cough medicine if I recall correctly, sounds like “linked us”, us=Guardian
24 LASSITUDE “2’s order reversed” gives SITU IN (deals)*. Clever.
26 TRIAD TAD around RI, but I don’t know where the latter comes from, unless it’s a bit of scRIpture, which seems unlikely
28 STINT double def.
28 TURNTABLE (battle)* around URN
2 IN SITU (unit is)*
3 INSENTIENT not sure about the wordplay. My best guess – “Sentiment engulfs male so” ~= Sentiment engulfs male IN SENTIENT, i.e. M engulfed IN SENTIENT gives “sentiment”
5 BARBICAN BAR and BAN, around, presumably, IC = “in charge”
7 BERIBERI BRIBER around E=drug, I=one
8,27 COMEDIES COME=happen, DIE=to go, S[hakespeare]
13 SISAL I in rev(LASS). A fibre used to make rope.
15 STALACTITE cryptic def. I suppose, but I got it only from checking letters.
16 NIGER rev(REGI[o]N)
19 MOSQUITO low=MOO around S[outh], QUIT=part

12 Responses to “Guardian 24,418 – Taupi”

  1. C G Rishikesh says:

    ‘A bit of scripture’ could be “religious instruction” which would give RI.

  2. Eileen says:

    26ac: Over the years, Religious Education in schools has been called, among others, Divinity, Scripture and Religious Instruction {RI} so RI can=Scripture.

    I thought there were some great clues here. Having got 22dn, for instance, I puzzled over ‘shy’ then remembered ‘shy of the mark’. I also got 19dn a while before I ‘got it’. And I liked ‘shred’ in 25dn.

    I don’t really get 3dn though.

  3. mhl says:

    TURNTABLE is marvellous, and MOSQUITO made me laugh too.

    I spent a while trying to work out how “Be spare” could be SWIFT, unfortunately, having never heard of the “wading bird” sense of STINT :(

  4. Andrew says:

    “Bill” = “Peninsula” as in Portland Bill, though I must admit I’d never made the connection before now. It’s apparently the same as bill=beak, from the shape.

  5. Dave Ellison says:

    13d I took this to be SAL + IS. Giving up = yielding

    We have had sisal as an answer often recently

  6. John Ridge says:

    29ac TURNTABLE – I agree, brilliant. I was completely fooled by the surface “vessel’s”, so overlooking the record player.

    Similarly with 11ac – “east” hid the verb “wind”. Well, it did for me!

  7. Garry says:

    Yes 11ac – wonderful!

  8. smutchin says:

    Mhl, I assumed stint=bird as in a stint in prison! I’d not heard of the wading bird.

  9. Colin Blackburn says:

    STINT and STILT are both types of wading bird. Add in SWIFT and S-I-T gives quite a choice of birds.

    I think STINT as in a stint in prison would have needed a fuller definition since it’s not as colloquial as stretch, time, etc.

  10. mark says:

    So can anyone better explain (defend the setter on!)3D please.

    Also why is STALACTITE = dependency?

    Finally as someone who’s worked in music and theatre how does STAGE MANAGEMENT = orchestration?

    Thanks as ever

  11. manehi says:

    As I said, I put stalactite in only thanks to checking letters – I assumed “dependency” has a meaning similar to “something that hangs down from something else”.

    “orchestration” isn’t a great definition.

    I was really hoping that someone would come along with a better explanation of 3dn..

  12. mark says:

    thanks anyway

    I like that you say it’s not a great definition. Some of the bloggers are a little too deferential to the setters IMHO.


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