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Guardian 24,423 – Gordius

Posted by Uncle Yap on June 24th, 2008

Uncle Yap.

Common abbreviations used
dd = double definition
cd = cryptic definition
rev = reversed or reversal
ins = insertion
cha = charade
* = anagram

A delightful puzzle both entertaining and challenging

1 TABEFY *(be fat) Y (you start) to tabefy is to waste away
4 AMPUTATE Ins of PUT (place) in A mate (a partner)
9 AMOURS 3 is forenoon or AM (ante meridiem) OURS (pertaining to the Guardian, the paper where this puzzle appears)
10 INSCRIBE simple charade
11 BLENHEIM ORANGE Cha of Blenheim (battle) Orange (an IT brand) The irony of an apple being called an orange !!!
13 PIGEON POST After the 1936 book by Arthur Ransome (1884-1967)
14 ADOS rev of soda, something splashed to a hard drink in a watering hole
16 RAPT homophone for wrapped
18 BRAIN WAVES John Wayne and the Indian braves … Spooner clues always make me laugh
21 ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Clever cd unlike the biblical death
23 LADISLAW Simple cha after one of George Eliot’s characters.
A noteworthy case of a lady author having to assume a male pseudonym
24 DILATE *(detail)
25 SUNDRIES So that the sun can dry the wet clothes
26 AGGERS An agger (new word to me) is defined as mound but how the commentary box relates, I do not know

1 TOAD To advertisement (display)
2 BOOTLEG This is the third time in the last week or so when I have come across this Merseyside town of Bootle; used variously as part of bootless and now bootleg. Force is, of course, the gravitational force represented in physics as simply ‘g’
3 FORENOON Foreign minus GI (soldier turned out) + 0 (nothing) ON
5 MANUMISSION Ins of UMIS *(musi-c) in MANSION. Formal release from slavery
6 ULCERS *(clues r) What lengths compilers will go to to entertain us
7 ALIGNED *(dealing)
8 ELEVENSES What a delightfully quaint word we seldom hear nowadays. In my younger days in colonial Malaya, the morning tea was thus called and lunch was tiffin. I understand these two terms were also popular in India during those times
12 EXPORT TRADE Homophone for X (unknown) Portrayed (depicted)
13 PARTICLES Part (some) *(slice)
15 SWEARING Ins of EAR (listener) in SWING (yesteryear’s pop)
17 PALADIN simple cha
19 VINTAGE *(given at)
20 MOUSER MO (medical officer or doctor) user. Definition very cleverly disguised as Tom or a cat
22 HERS Herpes (disease) minus pe (exercise)

2 Responses to “Guardian 24,423 – Gordius”

  1. DaveT says:

    26 across – the commentary box reference is to Jonathan Agnew (Aggers) the BBC cricket correspondent.

  2. mhl says:

    5 down has a great surface reading since MANUMISSION is also a nightclub :)

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