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Independent 6767/Virgilius

Posted by neildubya on June 24th, 2008


Great puzzle as usual from Virgilius but if there’s something going on here connected with 1/29 then it’s passed me by completely.

1/29 (I REPUBLIC SIMPLETON)* – SUBLIMINAL PERCEPTION. Haven’t the faintest idea why this is right as I don’t understand the clue: “How to get 10,26 in 11 to 24 but not 20? One tangling with Republican simpleton”. I’m sure there’s something very clever going on but it’s too subtle for me.
9 STATES – the condition of something is the STATE it’s in.
13 K,NOB
20 ROOK – which means “con” and, in chess, the piece that starts the game in the corner of the board; hence, the clever and deceptive definition, “man initially cornered”.
22 CY PRES[-s] – here’s the definition from “The legal doctrine that allows a court freedom in interpreting the terms of a will or gift if carrying out the terms literally would be impracticable or illegal. At the same time, the general intent of the testator or donor is supposed to be observed as closely as possible”.
3 LA,THI[-s]
5 hidden in “assassinatioN IN JApan”
8 PREVENT – don’t really understand this one: “Don’t allow photo op, for example”. “Don’t allow” is the def but what about the rest of the clue?
17 GIMLET EYE – a gimlet is a cocktail of lime juice and gin. A GIMLET EYE is one which appears to give a sharp or piercing look.
21 ON,A in TRIO
24 INTER – which means “to bury”.
25 I in TACT

12 Responses to “Independent 6767/Virgilius”

  1. M1kes says:

    8d Public Relations ( PR) event – maybe?

  2. rayfolwell says:

    I don’t understand 7D either – I presume it’s HOME COMER

  3. rayfolwell says:

    1/29 BARACK OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT is hidden in the middle 4 rows

  4. neildubya says:

    That is absolutely brilliant. Bravo, Virgilius.

  5. Mick H says:

    I didn’t spot that at first. But even as I scanned the rows, I felt a growing sense that McCain’s star was on the wane. When the penny dropped, it served only to confirm what my unconscious had already registered. (Or does subliminal perception just mean reading between the lines?)
    Nice one, anyway – and loved the ROOK def.

  6. NealH says:

    Home comer is just the combination of two sayings “chickens come home to roost” and “when the cows come home”.

    Can anyone explain encore to me – “two hundred without leaders – again”. Where does the two hundred ? Might be something do with century, but I don’t quite see it.

  7. rayfolwell says:

    [t]EN [s]CORE = 200

  8. Wil Ransome says:

    Brilliant hidden message, up there with Virgilius’s best. But please can someone explain the clue for 1/29. ‘How to get November, forecast in Manitoba to identity. but not rook’??? I’m still utterly at sea here.

    And why is a knob an opening (13ac)?

  9. John McDonald says:

    Wil Ransome — the “November forecast” begins at 11 and runs through 24 (Barack starts at the end of 11ac “President” ends with 23 ac and part of 24ac) while 20ac (Rook) is not part of the hidden phrase.

  10. Colin Blackburn says:

    A KNOB isn’t an opening but it is ‘needed for an opening’ (though I don’t recall the exact wording of the clue.)

    Like Neil W the hidden message completely passed me by and I was just left wondering what on earth 1/29 was about. Perhaps too clever!

  11. Wil Ransome says:

    I must be very dim, but John McDonald is no help. I can see that ‘Barack Obama for President’ runs through a number of clues; I know it ends with [part of] 23ac and part of 24ac, but what is the significance of ‘but not 20’? I know ‘rook’ isn’t part of the phrase. Neither is ‘edit’, but he doesn’t say ‘but not 28′. What has ‘identity’ to do with it? What indeed is the significance of the rather odd form of words he uses in the clue for 1/29?

  12. Will Rogers says:

    I think me and the other readers (the other readers and I…) are wondering what you’re missing. He means the sequence of across clues from 11 to 24, without using 20. There we go. A November forecast.

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