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Independent 6769/Nimrod

Posted by John on June 26th, 2008


My goodness me. What a mountain to climb. Well, at least I’ve filled everything in, but one or two I don’t quite understand; when they are explained no doubt I’ll be full of admiration, but in some cases I think I do understand and am a bit sceptical.

1 POINT OF NO RETURN – not sure: it seems to be something about ‘no’ being returned to make ‘on’ – the definition seems to be ‘You must go on [=continue] here’, and ‘on FO’ returned is ‘of no’, but I sense I’m missing something
9 concerT ETC On – hidden rev. Since ‘on’ is part of the wordplay, the reversal has to be indicated merely by ‘comeback’, despite the temptation to read it as ‘on comeback'; and this is barely OK in my opinion
10 IMPRUDENT – probably very clever, but I don’t see this
11 INSURANCE – very difficult, but just about OK I think: the def. is ‘Cover'; the anagram indicator is ‘hurriedly'; it’s the reverse of (ran c(astle)) around [walls] (in use)*, in other words (in use)* around (ran c(astle))
13 ALIMONIES – (semolina)* around i. I don’t quite understand the def.
18 EMEND – I think this is a cryptic way of saying ‘me, in the end’. Excellent
19 CARTLOADS – lo in (c art ads)
20 TIDAL – (l adit)rev. – ‘full back’ means ‘all of it back’
22 BA(ROME)TER – ‘bated breath’ – this isn’t the only time in this crossword that the question mark really refers to a word earlier in the clue
25 ULTIMATUM – (mutual)* around tim
26 ALI BI (I am the greatest – Muhammad Ali)
1 PROXIMA CENTAURI – (Puerto Rican)* around (x I’m a) – ‘On the cover of’ indicates the containment – good clue
2 INTESTINE I think, but I don’t see this. ‘Test’ is the international perhaps, but …
4 FEIGN – GI rev, in fen, although ‘Cambridgeshire’ seems a bit loose, despite the question mark
5 OPPRESSOR – poor* around press
6 E QU IV 0 CA L
7 UPEND – n dupe, with ‘upe’ cycling to the front
8 NATIONAL SERVICE – nice around (Slovenia art)*
14 OLD FLAMES – (molls fade)*, &lit.
15 IN CUB ATOR – I can’t understand the ‘ator’ – surely not ‘a tor’, tors being particularly found in Devon?
17 COA(TT A 1)LS
21 DATED – does this quite work? ‘Dated’ means ‘Went out’ and also ‘went out years ago’, but it doesn’t mean ‘Went out’ and ‘years ago’, and in the lovers’ meeting sense it doesn’t mean ‘went out years ago’ so it isn’t an &lit.
24 M(1 A)OW

7 Responses to “Independent 6769/Nimrod”

  1. Testy says:

    I’m afraid I lost patience with this and gave up on it completely, but I guess that 1A is perhaps POINT being indicated by the full stop and the OF NO RETURN being as you suggest (i.e. coming from “on F.O.”).

    11A “hurriedly”, an anagram indicator???

    13A ALIMONIES are allowances, hence “They’re allowed” maybe.

    2D “Location of course” is the def (as in where a course of a meal will end up), “playing Chinese International” is IN TEST IN E(ast).

  2. Paul B says:

    I’d say the IN CUB is on a tor, so looking down at Devon (where all those tors are).

  3. nmsindy says:

    POINT OF NO RETURN I got the answer long before the explanation; my guess was point = full stop (after ‘here’) then ON FO (reversed) as you say.

  4. nmsindy says:

    Apologies, Testy, you say all this in explanation 1.

  5. Richard Heald says:

    10Ac: I think I’ve figured out how this one works – the defn part is ‘unwise’, and the wordplay part is meant to be ‘r in bold (= impudent)’. One of those love-it-or-hate-it clues.

  6. nmsindy says:

    I think you’re right, Richard – I’ve just looked at clue on the website. In my paper, though, the r was not in bold type.

  7. eimi says:

    That’s a bit unfortunate. I can only assume that some eagle-eyed sub, unversed in the ways of Nimrod, spotted the unusual typesetting and decided to ‘correct’ it.

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