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Inquisitor 77 ONE TOO MANY by Raich

Posted by Hihoba on June 27th, 2008


Easy to solve the grid (with some rather underwhelming clues), much harder to find the phrase made up of the extra letters.

The phrase was almost irrelevant in terms of completing and sending in the solution. I find this is often the case in these crosswords and It might be a good idea if we were always required to write the missing/extra letter phrases below the grid to prove a complete solution before being eligible for champagne!

The appearance of BERLINER on the third line from the bottom led to a search for ICH BIN EIN which appeared on the two lines above it, and KENNEDY on the second line from the top. Kennedy’s “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech was made nearly 25 years ago.

A bit of Wikipedia searching led to the (incorrect) urban myth that “ein Berliner” is a doughnut, while “Berliner” without the “ein” is an inhabitant of Berlin. Hence Kennedy had said ONE EIN TOO MANY and was LITERALLY saying I AM A DOUGHNUT” instead of “I am a citizen of Berlin”.

Solving time : 1.5 hours to complete the crossword and another hour to find all the extra letters and to remove some that I had, but were incorrect!

Below the bracketed italic letters are the extra ones.

1 GAUSS – unit, GAS round US
5 SARAJEVO – capital, RAJ is sovereignty + E(nglish) in SA(L)VO (proviso or reservation)
11 AWAKEN – rouse, AWN (shelter) round (I)KE
13 YLEM – original material, MY (writer’s) round LE
14 EDIT – censor, IDE(a) reversed + (T)T for dry – it took 2 days to work this out!
15 INTROMIT – insert, INT(E)R Milan + OMIT
16 PED – a basket, anagram of P(R)ED which is provided minus Ovid
17 WALL – it divided city, W(ith) + A + (so)L(id) + L(ine)
18 POLLEN – found in flowers, POLL (head) + EN (nurse)
19 EMIR – ruler, [(A)IRME]*
22 CHEER – entertainment, [(L)ECHER]*
24 PIRANESI – architect, [INSPIRE A]*
26 HOSTELRY – inn, HO(use) +(L)RY (lorry’s odd letters)
28 LITHO – print, sunLIT HOllow
29 OCTA – eighth, OC +TA
31 BIOPIC – film, B(ritish) = I(ndependent) + OP + (n)IC(e)
34 YEAH – I agree, even letters in cheatery, reversed
38 ING – meadow, IN(diana) + G(rand)
39 ABSORBER – it takes in, [ROBBER SA(Y)]*
40 LINE – double meaning
41 ARTY – interested in painting, PARTY (do) less P(riest)
42 MASKER – one partly hidden, REAM reversed round SK(I)
43 ZOOPHYTA – sponges, [PATH OOZY]*
44 WHIRL – turn rapidly, W(est) + H(A)IR (shock) + L(earner)
1 GAZPACHO – spicy soup, [OZ CHAP (M)AG
2 A-WEEK – set of seven, AWE + EK
3 SKIPPET – flat box, SKIP + PET
4 SET-TO – bout, SE(A)T + T(ense) + O(rganised)
5 SNIP – small piece, S + N + (D)IP (pawn)
6 ANNULI – rings, ANNUL + I
7 RETTERY – where flax is wet, RETRY round T(O)E
8 ADRENAL – beside the organs, [ALDER(m)AN]*
9 ELMA – girl, EA round L(U)M
10 VEIL – V + E(G) + IL
12 ADDREST – once set up, REST below A + D.D.
13 YOWE – dialect for ewe, [(H)OW YE]*
20 METHINK – it seems to me, MINK round [THE(N)]*
21 RIOT GRRL – aggressive young lady, RI + OT + GR(eek) + R + L – beware of GIRL
23 REBIRTH – revived interest, [TH(U)RBERI]*
24 PLIABLY – in a flexible manner, PLY (good) round BAIL
25 NICEISH – somewhat agreeable, ICE (reserve) + IS in NH
27 ROBERT – him, ROBE + RT
30 AHOY – call at sea, A HOY
32 IN-LAW – relative, (T)IN (can) + LAW (act)
33 SNEER – show contempt, REENS reversed
35 EBRO – river, hidden pathetically!
36 AS TO – in the matter of, A + STO(ry)
37 IRMA – girl, IR(ish) + MA

6 Responses to “Inquisitor 77 ONE TOO MANY by Raich”

  1. Andrew says:

    > Kennedy’s “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech was made nearly 25 years ago.

    Make that 45 years (26 June, 1963).

  2. Mick h says:

    Well, without getting into an editing war on Wikipedia, I’m not convinced by the line that this is an ‘urban myth’. From my understanding of German, the ‘ein’ does make a difference, and he should have said “Ich bin Berliner”. I certainly heard the doughnut story from Berliners (people, not doughnuts!) when I lived in Berlin in the early 1980s. Tom Robinson included it in the chorus of a song in German (Tango an der Wand, co-written with Horst Königstein) which I saw him perform at a gig in Berlin, and it certainly went down well there, though that doesn’t prove anything.
    Anyway, I enjoyed this. I thought the clues were good, and while you could crack the theme backwards by finding ‘Berliner’, the phrase made it easier to know what you were looking for.

  3. Jim T says:

    I enjoyed this and thought the ‘one too many’ clues fitted nicely
    with the theme.

    My daughter works as a translator at the British Embassy in Berlin.
    She says the phrase does literally mean ‘I am a doughnut.

  4. Hypnos says:

    An impressive debut in the IQ slot. Enjoyable to solve with some neat cluing and I thought the “one too many” theme was deftly handled. I didn’t know how the insertion of ein apparently changed the meaning so it was pleasing to learn something new.

  5. Andy Stewart says:

    I thought this a nice puzzle, with a slightly unusual theme. It was on the easy side, so I filled the grid in an hour, and it only took about 5 minutes to spot the quotation and speaker, since I was very familiar with Kennedy’s error, but there’s always a place for thematic puzzles at the easier end of the spectrum. I have to confess that the double meaning of the title escaped me until I read this blog and the comments.
    I may be wrong, but I thought a Berliner was a cream bun, not exacly a doughnut.

  6. Raich says:

    Thanks to all.

    Re the “urban myth” issue, I’d been aware of Kennedy’s error for some years. I also knew the distinction from learning German though I’m not a fluent speaker. When checking it all out before embarking on the puzzle, I, like Hihoba, came across an “urban myth” reference on the Internet.

    I decided then to approach a professional German translator of my acquaintance who has spent much time in Germany and I specifically mentioned the “urban myth” reference. The translator confirmed that all the material used in the puzzle is quite correct so I went ahead with it. The translator also said a Berliner is a doughnut with no hole in the middle.

    BTW, the speech itself can be seen in a 4-minute clip on YouTube and is worth a look.

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