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FT No.12,805 Set by VIKING, June 27 2008

Posted by Octofem on June 28th, 2008


Sorry for the delay – the crossword was only accessible to me this morning.
Rather a lot of anagrams, I thought.


1.    VISAGE  – (vie, to include sag)
4.    AMBIENCE  – (Ambi-val-ence – centre removed)
10.  CHATTERER – (*trace the)
11.  deliberately omitted
12.  LARK-  (dd)
13.  RESTRAINTS -( *transfer list without f,l.)
15.  SCENERY -(*screen plus y, last of play)
16.  LAMBDA – (innocent lamb plus DA)
19.  ALTAIR  -(alto  without o + air – altair is a star in the constellation Aquila)
21.  SHAMPOO – (sh-amp-oo – shoot without ending ,around ‘ a MP’)
23.  CORRESPOND- (dd)
25.  INFO – (in the Foreign Office)
27.  SATIE – (satire without ‘r’ – French composer)
28.  NAAN BREAD – (*arena band – accompaniment to 6 down, q.v.)
29.  PARADISE -( *a and despair)
30.  INSTIL-( hidden answer in pains till)


1.   VOCALISE – (*voices a l)
2.    STAIRWELL-  (st-air- well)
3.    GITE – (g with ITE – various societies with these initials.  Not sure which is intended)
5.    MARITAL -(martial, with switch of two letters)
6.    INDIAN MEAL- (*maiden in LA)
7.    NOT ON – (slang expression for impossible – reads both ways.)
8.    EGOIST- deliberately omitted
9.    FREELY (f-ree-ly. I did not know that ‘ree’ was the female of the ruff bird, or reeve)
14.  SESAME SEED – (* seas seemed)
17.  DEPENDENT- (de-pen-den-t – use of Thailand for t is somewhat suspect.)
18.  TOROIDAL- ( * Dior a lot – I learnt a new word with this one.)
20.   REPENTS – (re-pe-nts – the record did not have to rise!)
21.  SUNTAN- (sunk without ‘k’, tan dd)
22.  ACTS UP – (catsup with first two letters transposed)
24.  RATER -( rafter with ‘f’ removed)
26.  OBAN – (o- ban.)  Quite liked this one. No ban

3 Responses to “FT No.12,805 Set by VIKING, June 27 2008”

  1. Duggie says:

    Ta, Octofem. Yes, I agree: a surfeit of anagrams.

    21a: can’t see ‘shoot’ as synonym for ‘fling’
    3d: g for s in site, I think
    6d: misprint (‘where’ll’) didn’t help (or hinder)
    17d: T for Thailand seems OK – IVR abbrev, like F in 24d
    20d: agreed ep’s a record either way, though a pretty old one now

  2. Octofem says:

    Thank you Duggie for 3d – you are quite right obviously.
    I too was dubious of ‘shoot’, but found an online definition for ‘shoot’ – to fling or throw, giving the example: The volcano shot lava high into the air. I was therefore reconciled to it!

  3. C G Rishikesh says:

    We don’t order “Naan bread” in hotels here. We order just “naan”.

    The name of the dish is ‘naan’.

    The term ‘Naan bread’ seems to exist only on menus in foreign restaurants and on the Internet (where I found it just now before writing this).

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