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Guardian 24,421 (Sat 21 Jun)/Paul – Knap hand

Posted by rightback on June 28th, 2008


Solving time: 15:55

Don’t take too much notice of my time – I was at least three-quarters asleep when solving this. Reasonably straightforward for Paul, I think.

I’m going to be unable to blog next week, so thanks in advance to whichever of the team steps in. I also won’t be able to respond to any comments on this puzzle, so I apologise in advance for any mistakes I’ve made.

* = anagram, “X” = sounds like ‘X’.

1/26 ST(RING + THE)ORY – I spotted the possibility of THEORY early on but couldn’t think of a word meaning ‘article’ ending -ORY.
9 BLUB; rev. of BULB
10 PROPAGANDA; “PROPER GANDER” – ‘gander’ being slang for a look.
11 R.I. + MINI
12 PATHE + TIC[k] – the Pathé company used to produce news-reels.
13 FRANGLAIS; (A FAN + GIRLS)* – nice clue, with a well-connected anagram and definition (‘tongues entwining?’).
15 BRIE; B (= ‘Second-rate’) + RIE[sling] – I needed a dictionary after solving to fathom this one.
16 POSH; (SHOP)* – I think ‘her’ must refer to Victoria “Posh” Beckham.
17 BANK + I + MOON – I knew the person I was looking for straight away from the enumeration, but needed most of the letters to come up with the exact name. Ban Ki-Moon succeeded Kofi Annan as Secretary-General of the UN. It seems to be pretty much compulsory to have a wacky name to hold that office; Mr Moon (yes, ok, Ban is the family name) comes only third in the ‘silly names’ contest, just pipping Dag Hammarskjöld but behind U Thant and the clear winner Boutros Boutros-Ghali, whose real claim to fame was a leading role in The Fast Show in the 1990s – brilliant. Sorry, where were we? Oh yes, the crossword. ‘Show behind’ is very subtle for ‘moon’ here.
21 T + RAVERS + E
24 PILLOWSLIP; (LOW + S) in (rev. of LIP, + LIP) – difficult to unravel.
2 RAB + BI – as in Rab Butler, former Deputy Prime Minister amongst other cabinet jobs.
3 NUPTIAL; (PAUL IN T[ROUBLE])* – ‘without money’ indicating ‘remove ROUBLE’.
5 YEASTY – not a meaning I knew.
6 SNARE DRUM; rev. of MURDER + ANS[wer] – I like ‘very difficult’ for MURDER.
7/27 MIDLIFE CR + IS + IS – the second word was clear but the first eluded me until I had the initial M; ‘if (might one say)’ for MIDLIFE is very good and perfectly fair, I think – I’d accept that even in The Times.
8 COMPLICATEDLY; (MY TOPIC CALLED)* – unusual to have an anagram indicator from the same root as the answer; this clue pretty much told you the solution so I should have been much faster with the anagram.
18 K + NAPPER – my last entry, and a guess, as I didn’t know (or couldn’t remember) KNAPPER, meaning someone who breaks stones, or NAPPER, slang for the head.
20 DRAWER; rev. of REWARD
23 CROSS (double definition)

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