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Guardian 24,429, Paul: On Clitheroe Moorage baht (brass) hat

Posted by michod on July 1st, 2008


I guess when you’ve been setting for a while, you can either spice things up for self and solvers with esoteric themes, or you can cast ever wider into the available word-pool. Paul’s been drinking deep at the fountain of vocabulary – footballers, politicians, place-names, catchphrases all get a look-in here. Some great clues as ever, hard to find any not worthy of some comment.

Had I been on the tube applying normal daily puzzle rules (all doable without recourse to reference works) I would have given up with 2dn and 13ac unfilled, but a brief look at Bradfords got me one, and the other followed.


9. OLIVE TREE. TO RELIEVE*. Very well concealed anagram which took a while to spot.

10. CARP I. Wrists, as in carpal tunnel syndrome.  I knew it was some bit of the anatomy anyway.

11. ED BALLS. Whose name needs no help to be funny really.

12. MOO RAGE. Takes a little licence, but made me laugh.

13. DART. The last one to fall. Strictly, ‘as in’ is redundant.

14. WHATS UP DOC. TWO CUPS HAD. ‘Animated inquiry’ is a cryptic def for Bugs Bunny’s catchphrase.

19. VAMP I(REBA)T. Clever clue; ‘bare bum’ meaning anag of BARE.

26. E XERT (T.REX<)



1. R(O GERD)ECOVER LEY. Quite a complicated one, because I started with OG for old German, but it’s actually O GERD for ‘old German name’.

2. A(IR BO)RNE. Neatly misleading – ‘going up’ is not a reversal, it’s the definition. Not being too good on English composers, I resorted to the list in Bradfords, having guessed at the structure of the clue.

3. SEAL. 2 defs, close as verb.

4. BRAS(S)H AT(tack).

5. H(ELM)ET. It must have been tempting to link this with the previous clue, but keeping then separate allows this lovely cryptic def+wordplay.

8. SILENCE IS GOLDEN. A reverse clue, i.e. the wordplay’s in the clue – sh is au. It would be good if ‘shisau’ were a word.

16. I N(“I QUIT”)Y. A stretch pehaps, but a pre-emptive ‘I quit’ is one way of refusing to be sacked.

20, 17. (acade)MICHEL PLATINI(mpossible). Amazing hidden clue, made easier if you’ve been watching the football and saw Platini, now UEFA bossm handing out the medals on Sunday night.

25. BA(H)T. The currency of Thailand.

9 Responses to “Guardian 24,429, Paul: On Clitheroe Moorage baht (brass) hat”

  1. Octofem says:

    Just have to say what a wonderful puzzle this was. I thought 19a really ingenious, and 14a delighted me too. If Paul keeps up this standard he will be running Auricaria close.

  2. jimbod says:

    A prize must go to michod for:
    Guardian 24,429, Paul: On Clitheroe Moorage baht (brass) hat

    v clever :)

  3. Shirley says:

    2D Arne is mainly known as the composer of Rule Britannia

  4. Jim says:

    re: 8D I did find reference to “shisau” as being a tree in Nepal. Possibly a variant of “shishu”??

  5. Gail says:

    Gorgeous! I am becoming a bigger and bigger fan of Paul these days. He was very audacious today – having such a huge ‘hidden clue’ as Michel Platini!

  6. Gary Howe says:

    ‘Shisau’ was one of the most amusing pleasing but above all deeply original clues I’ve ever seen.

    Excellent stuff

  7. Matt Livermore says:

    I have to say, as inventive as ‘shisau’ is, it’s not a proper cryptic clue, not having a definition part and only consisting of wordplay – it’s not even an &lit. As such it’s unfair.

  8. Eileen says:

    ‘Shisau’ falls into the same category as ‘GEGS’, [‘scrambled eggs’] which kept a whole episode of ‘Drop the dead donkey’ going. I also remember, from years ago, in a Guardian crossword ‘Onu’ [10,14] which I thought was great- once I solved it! Once in a while, I don’t mind that kind of ‘unfairness’.

    I couldn’t get to comment yesterday, Michod, but I thought your title was just brilliant!

  9. muck says:


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