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Private Eye/Cyclops Crossword 368 – VIP treatment

Posted by beermagnet on July 7th, 2008


There seemed to me to be a lot of question mark ended clues this time, at least they were the ones I had most trouble with, probably just me then.  In truth this was solid stuff from the one-eyed one. 

9 FA CUP – [wi]F[e],A,CUP(=single supporter) Shouldn’t this be (1,1,3) rather than (2,3) ?
11 GREEK – R inside GEEK as in “Phil the Greek”
12 DOORSTEPS – (STOP SOD ER)* Anagrind: “moving” First to go in
13 FERRARI – (RARE)* inside FRI Anagrind: “get screwed” I had the wordplay but had to try each “weekday” twice before stumbling on the correct “goer”
15 ETHICAL – T from [pinoche]T inside (A CHILE)* Anagrind: “buggered”
17 DOING A U-TURN – (RUN INTO A DUG)* Unfortunately, the phrase has a rather obvious letter count for the definition. Anagrind: “out”
23 THE POPE – POP inside THEE (“you once”) Can someone explain how we get POP from CRACK. The only relationship I can think of is the onomatopoeic “Snap, Crackle and Pop”
26 ADOLF – A[way],Do,LeFt Last one to go in – How embarrassing.  Mr Hilter did not spring to mind until the checking F appeared.  Somehow he goes beyond being defined as a mere “Dictator”
28 NUTTY – DD Nice one. Full clue:
Bananas like testicles? (5)
29 PISS-TAKER – K[ay] inside (PASTRIES)* Anagrind: “fancy”
2 OBOE – O inside O,BE Nice to see something other than Gong=OBE. Scope for working a reference to “Pink” in there
3 MUCKRAKING – (UK CR[edit])* in MAKING. Anagrind: “collapse”
4 PIDDLING – Double Def PEER (def.) as a verb
5 IGNORE – I[ndependent] then N inside GORE Blank (def.) as a verb. Needed all the crossing letters for this
6 UFOS – (OF)< inside US (as in the “country”) Initially wondered how the Foreign Office (FO) were defined by “violators”. Full clue:
Country split by backing of violators of its air space? (4)
10 CRESCENDO – (R[ight] SCENE)* DO Anagrind: “ugly”
14 RED CARPET – DC (the Det. Con. kind of copper) inside REAR PET.  Favourite Clue (smutty surface wins again):
Copper shoved in butt by Darling – all part of the VIP treatment (3,6)
16 HOUSE PARTY – Charade of Commons and Faction.  I’m sure a house party can be held in urban areas too – Oh there’s a question mark at the end – so the def. is only an example, probably – so that’s all right then (?):
Commons faction gathering in the country (5,5)
18 UPTHRUST – DD – I think. As a scientist I understand the seismic reference, but what about the first half of the clue? – Oh there’s a question mark at the end – so the def. is only an example, probably – so that’s all right then (?):
Part of the sex act that causes the earth to move? (8)
20 PERFORM – PER[v] FORM Trickiest clue in my estimation. With only -E—R- I spent time trying to force FEATURE (from “appearance”) to fit:
Be a luvvie: dirty old man, very off appearance (7)
22 SLOPPY – LOP inside SPY For a while I was trying to force SYRUPY to fit
25 YO-YO – ho ho
27 OIKS – (SI[c]KO)* Anagrind: “snapped”

3 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops Crossword 368 – VIP treatment”

  1. Rich says:


    Having a ‘pop’ at someone can be making a ‘crack’ at their expense. A bit tenuous but possible.

  2. Chris says:

    My take it on it was in the sense of “having a go” at something, in the sense of giving something a try. I’m pretty sure “having a pop” and “having a crack” are synonymous in this sense.

  3. John King says:

    Thanks. I enjoyed that one. Only ones I couldn’t get were THE POPE (would never have thought of ‘thee’), PIDDLING (never known it used in that way) and PERFORM (just could not get my head round that clue).

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