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Independent 6781 by Monk

Posted by nmsindy on July 10th, 2008


Usual excellent puzzle from Monk with inventive treatments – solving time 27 mins.

* = anagram < = reversal


1 UNNATURAL (U-turn Alan)* This was clever because you were not sure which end was the definition and which was the anagram indicator.

6 MO SES Three points of the compass

9 DIS TURB (brut Sid)< Again good misdirection as containment was suggested


11 RE (L) IC(h)

12 IMPORTUNE (merino tup)*

14 NOD Final letters

15 EMPIRE STATE This refers to the ‘King Kong’ film which ended with the ape falling off the Empire State Building. The clue reflects this cryptically (r = king, ape meets it – i.e. with the s falling off)*

17 W OMEN I N LOVE Women’s Insitute (WI) = organised ladies (novel)* = novel novel – third novel is definition – book by DH Lawrence

19 WAS First letters

20 PU (BL I) SHER From ‘publish and be damned’ BL = capsule of butanol, outside letters, I think.

22 PIT TA (at tip)<

21 P (OTTER) Y Good misdirection again – crossword convention allows the false capital in China

26 AVOCETS (Caves to)*

27 R URAL Did not confirm, but guess the River Ural flows through K.

28 SPEED BUMP Cryptic definition Jaguars = cars going faster after going over this.


1 (j)UDDER lower = one who lows = cow

2 NE (S-T L) ED

3 TRUNCHEON (c on the run)* c = caught (cricket)

4 RABBIT PUNCH The individual parts separately defined in the wordplay

5 LOB Cryptic definition (from tennis)

6 MATER (mother in Latin) –thanks, Richard Palmer, for explaining this = mater (agent noun, one who mates).

7 SPECULA (capsule)* plural of speculum

8 SENSELESS Every letter except the L is a direction

13 PARLOUR GAME (Reap glamour)*

14 NEWS PAPER More points of the compass. Daily Express and in theory = on paper which describes this cryptically (down clue)


18 MOBSTER hidden reversal

19 WATT EAU (water for Monet i.e. in French)


23 AES OP sea< Aesop’s fables

25 (No)YES The poet Noyes.

5 Responses to “Independent 6781 by Monk”

  1. Richard Palmer says:

    In 6D the wordplay is to read the answer as an agent noun.
    I think the hyphen in 19A is very unfair.

  2. Duggie says:

    28A: Is there no wordplay at all here? I stared for ages at my answer, trying to get some confirmation. If there is none, is this not quite weak?

  3. nmsindy says:

    I thought 28A was fine with the setter making us think of the animal jaguar rather than the car. So I never thought beyond the cryptic definition and that it was quite a good clue.

  4. Wil Ransome says:


  5. nmsindy says:

    It’s SPEED BUMP, Wil, as confirmed by ‘reveal’ but in Chambers ‘speed bump’ is defined as a ‘hump’ so you’re not far out.

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