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Independent on Sunday 960 by Quixote (6 Jul 2008)

Posted by nmsindy on July 10th, 2008


Some less familiar words this week, solving time, 25 mins

* = anagram < = reversed



9 S (L) INGER This was my last – I thought the Spice Girl was going to be Ginger but it turned out to be singer. Refers to David and Goliath from the Old Testament.

10 A CAD E (first in English) ME HE in clue = Higher Education

11 A GO NISED (Denis)*

12 ICIER “I see ‘er”

13 BUD DHA (had)*

14 I R (RIT) ATE rit = abbrev for musical direction to slow down

15 CE (RE) MENT One of the unfamiliar words, but wordplay was straightforward

18 I’M PORT (left – at sea for example)

20 LET IN = Admit (allow to enter) Both the names in the clue contain ‘let’

21 TE (LE CA) ST International = test (match) (cricket)

24 SE (RIEM) A (mire)*

25 GET DOWN = duck (vb)

26 BLACK S HEEP Uriah Heep from Dickens


1 T(he) USK Took me a while to see this

2 RAIN-GOD go in (Indra)* Collins confirms that Indra dispenses rain

3 DO G IN THE MANGER do = party (men gathering)*

4 D OR IS Day film star, actress and singer, happily still around

5 L (E) ANDER e = energy From Greek mythology, lover of Hero who drowned

6 BASIDIOMYCETES (Daisy it becomes)* Took me a while to work this out.

7 MEDINA (maiden)* Mahomed is buried there

8 WE A R (I) EST

13 BACK LASH cf lack bash

16 RE (TAR) D


19 ON (S HO R) E

22 LO GIC cig<

23 SNAP pans<

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