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FT no.12816, Set by Sleuth, July 10

Posted by Octofem on July 11th, 2008


Sorry for delay – it finally reached me!  Nothing of great note here, but nothing to cause complaint either.

1.   MALADY  – (mala-d-y)
4.   BIOPIC- (b-i-o-pic -film based on a person’s life, usually an actor,a royal, or a politician)
8.   ELEANOR – (<hidden clue in ve-RONA ELE-vated)
9.   BOLOGNA – (< a nob, to include log )
11. ON THE SHELF – (*honest with he-l-f – more often females who are said to be on the shelf!)
12. IRIS -(the  even letters from ‘big ruins’)
13. TORSO -( t- or so )
14. CUPBOARD – c-upb-o-ard ( card often used to indicate an eccentric character ,*pub. first letter of order)
16. ODYSSEUS- (o-dy-sse-us – ‘Osse’ presumably from Tolkien’s works,the character who guards the  waters of Middle earth, first and last of dinghy, US to indicate country of Florida)
18. omitted
20. PYRE – (half of Pyrenees)
21. CHEAPSKATE -( * hates pack, with e)
23. SETBACK -(established defender in the game)
24. REDOUBT- (re-doubt – earthwork built within a permanent fortification)
25. ROTTER – r-otter
26. CYBELE – (Mother goddess of Phrygia and Asia Minor – cy-bel(L)le


1  MELON. -(m-el-on – el in abbr.Monday)
2  LEATHER – (lea-the-r – Edward Lear, 19th century poet, famous for his nonsense poems)
3. DROP SCONE (*scorned  with op, as usual, for work)
5. IN-OFF -(hidden clue)
6. PROVISO – (prov-is-o – provo short for Provisional Irish Repulbican Army
7. CONCIERGE – (co *cringe around e)
10.LEICESTER- (l-e-ice-ester – ice for reserve, ester is a chemical compound)
13.TEDDY BEAR – (t-eddy-b-ear – tb is the illness, ear for attention)
15. PERIPHERY – (per-i-p-he-ry – one quiet male within perry, a drink made from pears.)
17. omitted
19. IRKSOME -( [K] -irk-some [ sound like sum])
21. CACHE- ( cache{T})
22. TABLE – dd (table as in ‘table an amendment’ as well as the furniture)



5 Responses to “FT no.12816, Set by Sleuth, July 10”

  1. Geoff Moss says:

    May I offer an alternative wordplay for 16a?

    I interpreted it as ‘dy’ in ‘os’ (ordinary seaman) followed by ‘seus’ (south east usa) for ‘Florida’.

  2. Paul B says:

    Provo = Provisional (n), a member of the PIRA (or of Sinn Féin, up to 1969).

  3. Octofem says:

    Thanks Geoff – that certainly sounds more likely. I wasn’t too happy with my explanation.

  4. nmsindy says:

    Enjoyable puzzle, that’s how I read ODDYSEUS too – thanks for explaining PYRE, I was right but could not see why.

  5. nmsindy says:

    or maybe ODYSSEUS…

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