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Financial Times 12820 / Dante

Posted by C G Rishikesh on July 15th, 2008

C G Rishikesh.

I downloaded the crossword and solved most of it quickly. However, I was called away from home and was back only at about 7 p.m. IST. At that time the bottom left corner had some holes. Am writing this in a brief interregnum before going to the temple for a committee meeting. Typos have since been fixed.


1 BUBBLY – two def.

4 MACHISMO – Mac, his, mo – the second component is gratis and the third one is an obvious abbreviation.

9 (Elementary, my dear) WATSON – anag. of ‘was not’

10 ADVOCATE – two def. – ‘brief’ does a switcheroo as v. as a def.

12 TROPICAL - anag. of ‘cop’ and ‘trial’ ‘Tropical’ is ‘fervidly hot’ – Whether ‘heated’ is an apt def. for word reqd. I am not sure.  

13 SWERVE – s(w)erve – as ‘put’ can also be a verb in the past tense, one first thinks of ‘served’ as the answer before further inquiry.

16 HA HA - The ‘boundary’ part I don’t get.

20 STET - A good cryptic def. for a word frequently used. But nowadays there is little chance for this impression to be made; proofreaders are an extinct tribe in newspapers.

23 APEMAN – rev. of ‘name, pa’ – I shouldn’t have taken as much time as I did. The left bottom corner, which proved difficult in my first foray, was filled in during a car ride.


28 REPAIR – re-pair

30 ANTHEM- Nice CD, eschewing the usual anag. ploy.


1 BEWITCH – b(E W)itch

2 BETROTHAL - anag. of ‘Harbottle’

3 LOOK IN – I am not sure whether the second def is quite apt.

4 AIDA - aid, a

6 HOODWINK - Hood, wink

14 ANISEED – an(I see)d – The word within word indication is not quite satisfactory.

17 OSTEOPATH – Anag. of ‘a stoop the’ – nice surface reading.

18 SEE AHEAD – see, a, head – Until we see that ‘divine’ does a switcheroo as a verb in def. for word reqd., the answer is delayed.

21 THEOREM – anag. of ‘me to her’ – nice surface reading but weak anag. ind.

22 CLUE IN – anag. of ‘nuclei’ – good anag. fodder but an anag. clue after an anag. clue may have been avoided.

24 EXTRA - two def – seamlessly merged

28 TIER - rev. of ‘re it’

One Response to “Financial Times 12820 / Dante”

  1. Geoff Moss says:

    “16 HA HA – The ‘boundary’ part I don;t get.”

    A ditch or vertical drop often containing a fence,eg between a garden and surrounding parkland, forming a barrier without interrupting the view.

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