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Financial Times 12,812 by Falcon

Posted by Pete Maclean on July 17th, 2008

Pete Maclean.

A sound puzzle by Falcon this week. I particularly like 8D.

I am going on holiday and so will not be blogging this puzzle for the next three weeks. Maybe someone else on the team will step in. I will be back with the puzzle of August 2nd.

1. WASTE PAPER – STEP (walk) + APE (primate) in WAR (conflict)
7. SOWN – W (wicket) in SON (boy)
9. FREE – double definition
10. PALINDROME – PALIN (presenter) + D (departs) + ROME (European capital)
11. VANDAL – VANDA (museum, “Victoria AND Albert”) + L[ondon]
12. CUL-DE-SAC – anagram of ACCUSED + L (learner)
13. TEASPOON – anagram of ONE SO APT
15. ELSA – hidden word
17. ASHE – A (A) + SHE (female). What a nicely contorted clue!
19. RINGSIDE – RING (circle) + SIDE (area). When I first solved this, I thought it poor because the clue could be read as non-cryptic. Then I realized that that means one can read it as a semi &lit. Now I cannot decide if it’s a really good clue or not. Any comments?
22. SOURPUSS – anagram of POURS US + S (seconds)
23. ENDEAR – END (intent) + EAR (listener)
25. BRAINCHILD – BRAIN (hit) + CHILD (youngster)
26. NEON – anagram of N (name) + ONE
27. BEST – double definition
28. ENGAGEMENT – double definition

2. ACREAGE – RE (about) in A CAGE (an enclosure)
3. TWEED – T[oil] + WEED (feeble person)
4. PAPILLON – PA (father) + PILL (tablet) + ON (on)
5. PELICAN CROSSING – PELICAN (bird) + CROSSING (interbreeding)
6. RANKLE – [strippe]R + ANKLE (joint)
7. SORCERESS – anagram of recrosses
8. WOMBATS – MOW (cut) backwards + BATS (bananas)
14. SPEARMINT – anagram of MAN PRIEST
16. UNDERDOG – anagram of GROUNDED
18. SCOURGE – SCOUR (search) + EG (say) backwards
20. DRAGOON – double definition
21. QUICHE – QUIC[k] (short short) + HE (male)
24. DENIM – MINE (belonging to me) + D (daughter) all backwards

2 Responses to “Financial Times 12,812 by Falcon”

  1. Magpie says:

    I recall I solved “ringside” on the first run through; I wouldn’t say it was one of the best clues, but to categorise it as semi &lit seems fair.

    Enjoy your holiday!

  2. Wil Ransome says:

    I suppose that you can just about equate ‘row of seats’ with ‘ringside’ although that seems a bit tenuous. Yes it’s a semi-&lit. I think, but what worried me and still does is ‘side’ = ‘area’. How can this be?

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