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Independent 6,787/Radian

Posted by Ali on July 17th, 2008


After the recent US Open puzzle, here we have another crossword themed around one of golf’s 4 majors. For the non sporty amongst you, The British 3/4 starts today at 16/8, with the notable absence of the injured 22/2!

Am unsure on a few bits of wordplay, and one or two names used were a little obscure (at least for someone of my age), but there was some excellent material with many thematic references throughout, so overall a thoroughly enjoyable way to start the day.

5 APLOMB – (Herbert) LOM in A,PB – I’d never heard of Herbert Lom, but he was in some classic films (The Ladykillers, Spartacus), so maybe he’s a bit before my time
9 ABOVE PAR – Golf reference No.1 here. Also refers to the lyrics to Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby’s song ‘True Love’ from High Society (which again I’m far too young to have known without Google!)
10 PUTTER – Not quite sure on this one. How does ‘putter’ relate to ‘press’?
12 ELSE – (SA golfer Ernie) ELS,E
13 APPARELLED – RE (first and last letters of 16/8) in APPALLED
16/8 ROYAL BIRKDALE – (KOALA,LYREBIRD)* – Venue for The Open
18 EAGLE – I’m sure we all knew that Australian KEN NAGLE won The Open in 1960, but not quite sure how he drops a K, L and N to make up the answer here
23 BALL – BALL[(-STEREOS)*] – Fairly poor I think, as the answer is basically given at the start of the clue. The use of ‘Seve’ would have been better, though we have him again at 29A
26 TROUGH – T[-he],ROUGH – Great clue
27 CO-WORKER – O,W in COOKER – Not sure how cooker refers to 11D
29 SEVEREST – SEVE,REST – A much better Ballesteros clue
1 LEADER – “Lieder” – Bernhard Langer is of course German
7 OUTPLAYED – (POULTE[-r]DAY)* – A lovely clue. Ian Poulter is the golfer who (incorrectly and foolishly) thinks he’s as good as Tiger Woods
11 MASTERSTROKE – MASTERS + OK in odd letters of sTaRtEd. The Masters is one of the other 3 major golf tournaments
14 HOLE – “Whole” – ‘One of 18′ is a nice definition
17 MERCATOR – R.E.M rev. on (ACTOR)*
20 CLARET – (REAL)* in CT – Another Open reference here, this time to the trophy
22/2 TIGER WOODS – G in TIER,WOODS – In light of his recent withdrawal, I wonder if this clue was edited from just ‘Favourite to win….’ after submission!
26 ROSE – ref. Brit golfer Justin Rose

13 Responses to “Independent 6,787/Radian”

  1. Bannsider says:

    I don’t have the puzzle in front of me but I think (isn’t it KEL?) NAGLE is only dropping his N in favour of an E.
    And it’s surely CORKER not COOKER in 27ac.

    Be warned, golfing purists will castigate you for calling it the “British” Open (!!)

    I liked this puzzle a lot: it’s the first time I’ve tackled one of my fellow countryman’s broadsheet puzzles. There was some nice misdirection particularly in the clue to CONSTRICTS but the clue to ROYAL BIRKDALE was my favourite, bizarre culinary image though it may have conjured.

  2. Bannsider says:

    I was, of course using “broadsheet” in a metaphorical sense :-)

  3. Ali says:

    Yes, sorry, it is KEL NAGEL, and CORKER for 27A.

    I always thought it was called The British Open to distinguish it from its US counterpart, but the reverse is clearly the case!

  4. Mick h says:

    I found this tough going, since my golf knowledge could be written on a tee. But I do know Herbert Lom was Clouseau’s boss in the Pink Panther films.

  5. Duggie says:

    No, Ali, it’s KEL NAGLE; and you’re clearly not old enough to remember Tamara Press, the massively hirsute USSR Olympic gold medallist in the shot put.

  6. Bannsider says:

    Tamara Press? Another subtlety lost on me. (The answer had to be “IRON” except it was not enought letters!) I am also (ahem) too tender in years to remember her although the less cruciverbally promising Renate Stecher and Jarmila Kratochvilova are ingrained in my memory …

  7. Ali says:

    Yep, Duggie, Tamara Press and her sister are well, well before my time! Cheers for the explanation though.

  8. nmsindy says:

    I enjoyed this, and I think the papers contained so much info today, that those, like me, with little really detailed knowledge of golf players, could find most of what they wanted. The course, which I’d never heard of, was printed on the same page as the puzzle.

    I found Nagle in a list of post-war winners in another of my papers. Surprised though that Tiger Woods was defined as he was rather than as a three-time winner.

    But I’d never have known of Tamara Press were it not for this site!

  9. Duggie says:

    As Bannsider will know, Tamara was the youngest of triplets born in Belfast. The others was Theday and Yisterday.
    By the way, since when has age been an acceptable excuse for not knowing? Shakespeare? Never heard of him.

  10. Duggie says:

    Oops. The others WERE …

  11. Richard Bach says:

    I agree it’s a cracker. Looking forward to the blog concerning last Saturday’s Indy.

    Any Church of Ireland or North-West connection to Radian, Bannsider?


  12. Bannsider says:

    Hi Richard!
    As usual I await the Bannsider blog with trepidation. There’s a false moustache and fast car waiting …
    Not sure about R’s NW connections but the leader in the Open until a short while ago was “local” :-) And someone’s told the BBC the correct way to pronounce “McDowell”, as well …

  13. Simon says:

    For completeness:

    24D [-sp]ARKLE – Cheltenham Gold cup winner

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